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Degrassi question - Why does Johnny call Allie "backwards'?


oh "backwoods"...typo error

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    She is called "backwoods bandari" because when the degrassi crew went on an overnight camping trip, rumors were going around that she had hooked up w/ Johnny D in the woods. Then she was caught in a tent by Sav when they were playinq poker.

    Source(s): watching Degrassi episode "With or Without You".
  • he doesnt. he calls her backwoods which is a nickname she earned while on the camping trip because everyone thought she and johny hooked up in the woods. then they hung out in the tent at night and everyone found out so they called her backwoods vandari

    Source(s): DEGRASSI FOREVER- Give me your pot o' gold!
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    Ally From Degrassi

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    I was wondering the same thing.

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    what do u mean

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    because she is stupid for dating him. that's my first guess

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