What are the different version of Backspacer?

I bought the one from a local record store, and it's a hardbound cover. It's in a book-type format. Is the target one the same, but in a thinner case? What the Ten-Club album look like? Anybody get a hold of that? Did it come with anything special?

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    I got mine from Target. It's packaged like most of PJ's later cds, being a throwback to vinyl record packaging. It is a cardboard case with a booklet being in one side and the cd in a sleeve in the other side. In my town, Target is the only place that's selling it, so I didn't realize there were other versions. I was on the Ten site yesterday and I didn't notice anything different being sold other than it on vinyl. I really need to rejoin Ten Club though, they might have offered something different to members. http://www.pearljam.com/goods

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