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What can be the cause to chest pain upon inhaling?

My wife is having sharp pain on the right side. It feels like it is in her lung. This happened all of a sudden while just sitting. Does anyone know what this can be? Thanks for any help.

(This isn't gas nor heartburn)

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    Chest pain upon inhalation is often a symptom of pleurisy. The pleura is the sack like coating that covers the lungs. Sometimes there is an inflammation in between the pleura and the lungs and it causes that sort of pain.

    If it doesn't abate in just a few days she might want to see her doctor.

    Source(s): I worked as a nurse for 38+ years.
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    Does she smoke or is she regularly exposed to someone else smoking?

    Could be pneumonia. Has she been sick?

    Might be a strained muscle in her ribcage. Can she remember possibly straining or being in a strange position for a long time?

    Could be a broken rib. Was she injured?

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    this sometimes happen to me. nothing serious i shouldnt hope. i usually just lie on my back or stand up and concetrate on my breathing and it goes. if it continues for a long time maybe seek medical advice cos this is just what works for me so i dont know fo sho.

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    I've had that before. I never found out what it was. I'm still okay... just to comfort you. Although you may still want to get it checked out. May be a pinched nerve?

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    would she have a kidney infection

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