salvias effect questions?

Is it fun or scary or both?

what is the side effects?

what is the recommended starting amount?

should i try it?

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    well if you know wats gonna happen that it can be insightful and inspirational, hallucinogenic drugs arent all that "fun" in the general sense, but much more emotional and spiritual. if u arent ready for it, salvia can be terrifying. you may get a little stomach pain but not really anything else. I tried 20x, which is pretty decent, and i got a really amazing experience from it. my friend tried 5x and said that he was only aware of the presence of people and not anything else so id try that first and work your way up.

    i would recommend it if you want to discover some profoundness about yourself, just be prepared for what it can do.

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    If you've never done these type of things it will be scary. If you have, the short trip is very uncool. Visual effects, warmth, head moving feelings, maybe nausea. Try a small small dose. You can always do more if you like it. I bet you won't. I don't know a person who does. I would pass on this. I did LSD years ago and it was a life experience that's all. Shrooms are the best way to go. But this is not good stuff to be doing. They're are some big problems that can come from these substances. Just remember that fact.

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    Start with 5x and work your way up. Watch instructional video below about salvia safety

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