What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you while you are pregnant?

O we often hear about the rude things people say/do. But what is the nicest thing someone has done for you?

Yesterday i went shopping with my toddler (14 months) and im 34 almost 35 weeks pregnant. My fiance had put the pushchair in the boot of my car and i couldnt get it out! I had been trying for abotu 5 minutes and it kept getting stuck and my toddler was whinging and making a scene and i was getting frustrated. Anyway, a nice man, maybe in his mid thirties ran from across the road (i was on the other side of the parking lot) and offered to help, i said thanks and he managed to get it out first go (must be a man thing). He went to to say that his wife is about to pop and she likes him to get the pushchair out etc etc. So i said thanks and off he went. What a nice man, not too bad looking either, hahahahaha.

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    I know what you mean about hearing the rude things people say. I have actually been lucky in that regard and have had very few instances of rudeness in my pregnant days. And I have had a couple really nice experiences. I have been an intern during my pregnancy and we used to take turns running out and picking up lunch. One time, the receptionist got these amazing french fries for me from this little backwater cafe down a rough road for lunch. I was on my way home from shopping and had a really big craving for just those fries. I knew about where the little place was figured I would venture down the road to find it. I managed to get there, it was really a rough looking dive. And there was this straggly looking older guy (coulda been 50 and had a rough life, coulda been 65) who went in right before me. He ordered his soup and I ordered my french fries. When I went to pay, I found out that they only accept cash, something I never have on me anymore. I told them to cancel the order and thanks anyway. And this straggly old guy says "Oh, no, put it through, I got it." And I was like "Are you sure, you don't have to do that." And he says "Hon, it's only three bucks, and I bet your little one in there really could use some fries. My treat." I swear, it was a great moment for me, reaffirming you CAN NOT judge a book by it's cover. I made a goal to do something nice everyday for someone else, cause it feels that much better, especially anoymously. Although mine was not so nice looking, I will take his kindness anytime.

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    I was standing in a long line at Walmart and the manager came walking up to me and told me she'd help me in the next aisle. She didn't open the aisle except for me. It was so sweet and really was nice to not have to stand in a long line while sweating!

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    really nothing lol i just get a when are you due? usually my husbands always with me tho we are always together and he gets kind of jealous when other people try to help. but usually when we go grocery shopping theres a cashier that just had a baby not long ago and she always talks to us and gives us advice and stuff.

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    A smile or congratulations

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  • offered to give up there seat for me

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    hold the door

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