Guy with no experience?

Hey im a high school junior and ive been talking to this guy over text phone and we meet up a couple times. Yesterday he told me he has never had a girl friend or first kiss or anything. How should i deal with this? Is it a good idea to get more involved with him? Will it be me who takes control of our relationship? Is it bad to be with a guy who has never had a girlfriend before? Im a girl that doesnt show much affection, im not exactly loveable but i do want someone i can have fun and be with. what do you think?

thanks in advance :D

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    What I think is just go for a try with him but get to know him first at least he was honest about the kiss thing but you could be the first get closer to him and start observing what he does and achives he may like you and ask you out or shy cause he didnt have a girlfriend yet but be closer to him as you can then at that moment he will forget that hes single and fly the moon with you* Hes worth it Go for IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

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    Well it doesn't really matter if the guy has no experience as long as he's comfortable with you. Once he gets use to kissing and stuff like that then it will be fine, so you probably have to lead a lot in the beginning. Also, he will probably treat you a lot better than guys would because you're his first girlfriend. I say you should give it a shot.

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    if by fun u mean sexual stuff i can answer u.

    once being a inexperienced guy(like 2 years ago)

    the best thing for a girl to do is like get exited and "teach him" trust me when i say a guy loves girls teaching him how to make her feel good like kissing...

    im a senior dude; )

    and ive never really had lots of girlfriends but i know that if a girl breaks the sexual ice everything works out better.

    as for takeing control of the relationship that will just happen roll of the dice.

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