books to read for dating?

I had a horrible break with my boyfriend, who i've been with since i was a teenager, last weekend. I am now in my mid 20's. I am clueless, and scared in the big city. I have no idea how the adult dating world works.

To be honest, i have no interest in seeing anyone right now. But eventually i will want to pick myself up, and when that happens, i'm worried i'll have no idea how to act.

For example, this guy who i think likes me always texts or calls at 5 o 6 pm in the evening on a Saturday, and it worries me that this is an afterthought, or a booty call. It's an example of a silly detail that probably everyone knows about but i don't...because i've had no practice. I've never been on a date (my bf and i grew up in the same small town.)

I feel like i'm being flung into the olympics and i haven't even done local sports. Everyone at my age has dated and has experience, and i'm a complete rookie.

If there's a book or movie that you found helpful for dating....please help a girl out, i am clueless and scared ... Also, what's your best advice?


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    Honestly, you don't need a book.

    Think about it, there really isn't a specific protocol for dating, because of the variance of circumstances and subjectivity of it, there isn't any specific way to go about it.

    It's not like a job interview with its specific nature, with its black and white do's and don'ts.

    Honestly, when you meet a guy that you would like to date, then go out with him, go with the flow. There is only one specific thing that i can think of that most everyone knows- a general rule that should (and often is not) obeyed, and that would be; disclosure. Don't go rambling on about the consistency of your periods, or how crazy you think you are on the first date. Be a little candid, but nothing that would scare off a potential mate. Be yourself, but to a lesser extent, I suppose.

    Anyway, there will be a flow for you to go with, trust me. If you read some book and follow it, then what happens when something you aren't prepared for pops up? Are you going to leave the date to consult your book? That would be ridiculous.

    Just because you've been out of the loop for a few years doesn't mean that while you were away from the dating world, society went and established a general way to go about it.

    Every person is different, every date is different, and I would advise you to not waste your money on a book that won't really help you anyway.

    You aren't a stupid woman, quite obviously. You don't need the guidance of some bookworm that has probably had minimal interactions with other human beings.

    As for the booty call thing- there's really no way to know other than the way that guy acts toward you in general If he's talkng about sex all the time or only hanging out with you when sex is a possibility then yes, he is using you for sex. If he respects you, doesn't pressure you for it, and just calls to chat on occasion, then he really likes you;)

    You're fine, you don't need much assistance, maybe just a pep talk and you're good to go.

    Sorry that I wrote you such a wall of text here. I'm done. i wish you the best of luck and I truly hope that you find someone that you really like and that treats you well. Use common sense, trust me, it is essential, and everything will work to your advantage.

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    Mars and Venus on a Date by John Gray.

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    "Dating for Dummies" by Joy Browne. Despite the title, it is good.

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    ARE YOU THE ONE FOR ME by Barbara Deangelis.

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