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what are the important traditions practiced in colombia?

what type of music they listened to?

types of traditional dance(s) performed and important festivals?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Colombia is a very religious country based in the Catholic church,so is a lots of festivals and the bigger is called SEMANA SANTA(holly week)

    on this week people represent the life and passion of Jesus Crist and all celebration finished in the church with services.

    Colombia have lots of festivals and basic each town have they own festival but is a mayor carnivals like Barranquilla carnival what leng about a month,and pasto call Blancos y ******(whites and blacks) to remember the slave times of the conquest,white people turn faces black and black turn faces in white,***** is not a disrespectfully term in Colombia since they don't have racial discrimination problems like in US.

    Colombia have many types of music but is a mayor types like SALSA, MERENGUE and VALLENATO, but depends where in the country you are you found llanera(typical music from valleys in Colombia and Venezuela) de cuerda or carrilera (music from the mountains zone, very romantic and listened from broken hearts around alcohol and bohemia, and of course the Cumbia national music from Colombia.

    is another genders and modern tones is coming around the country but like I say every zone have they own instruments and typical music.

    Source(s): Proud to be Colombian,US resident
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    4 years ago

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