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How can I become an A.K.C. Breeder?

I am in love with my Siberian Husky. he is neutered, but I plan to have more. I would also like to breed them. How do I go about becoming a Licensed breeder? I've heard a lot about the A.K.C. & think I would like to go with them. On top of explaining How to become a breeder, could you also name some otherorganizationss??? Thanks!!!

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    AKC is the ONLY real/reputable registry in the US.

    AKC registers DOGS,not people!

    Any moron can stick 2 AKC reg.dawgs together & instantly become a BYB! & unfortunately,too many do.

    REAL breeders buy top quality stock & finish/title a them...for a couple of decades...before they DARE try to make their own

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    First, the AKC doesn't license breeders.

    To become a legitimate breeder you first have to find someone who is willing to sell you show quality puppies and mentor you. You have to show them and attain their champion titles. Then you are ready to breed with the help of your mentor. It takes a while but as with most things if it is worth doing it is worth doing well.

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    You first have to research and find a reputable breeder to buy from. You need to find a breeder who SHOWS or WORKS their dogs and earns titles to their name. You have to decide if you are wanting to breed dogs based on work ability, breed standard, or if you want to aim for both. The breeder should also be doing appropriate genetic health testing on their dogs, taking waiting lists before planning a litter, doing research on the breed, genetics, pedigrees, etc.. and also offering a mininal 2 year health guarantee. Any pup sold as a pet is sold on a spay/neuter contract.. any sold as show/breeding have strict contracts regarding showing and breeding.. since you are new, the dog will likely be sold to you under a co-ownership.

    You need to do research yourself on the breed standard, pedigrees, genetics, whelping, puppy raising, risks of pregnancy, the reproduction cycle, etc .. you can begin doing your research now if you like.

    You also need to find an experienced breeding mentor to assist you.. if you find one now, your mentor can also assist you with your research, and also with finding a breeder when you are ready to obtain a show dog. Contact local kennel clubs, the husky club, and attend local dog shows to find a mentor. (FYI if you cannot actually find a husky breeder to mentor you, another breeder will do, they just wont be as knowledegable about your particular breed of choice, but they certainly can still help you research)

    You need to show or work your dogs and earn titles to their names.

    You need to save money.. breeding is an expensive hobby.. its not profitable. If done properly, you will be LUCKY if you break even.

    develop a good relationship with your vet.. wouldnt hurt to get a referral to local reproduction specialists as well.

    When the dog is 2 years old, you get proper health tests done thru OFA, CERF, BAER, Optigen, and PennHip.. you also need to do a brucellosis test.

    Have your mentor help you draw up contracts for your puppy buyers.

    Get an approved waiting list of puppy buyers.. you need this before you even plan a litter to assure you have homes lined up.

    Have your mentor help you select the best mate for your dog.

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    Where are you from? Google, Siberian Husky club in (your state). They'll help you get started.

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    I wouldn't register my Border Collies with AKC for anything. AKC breeders are ruining my breed by taking the work ethic out of them. They are breeding for beauty and not brains. My dogs are all registered with The American Border Collie Assoc. a registry that promotes working dogs. The ABCA will take away their registration if you get an AKC breed championship, and I agree with that 200%.

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