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What are some amazing novels/books for teen girls?

Im 14. NO DUH, ive read every twilight book, clique, book, some gossip girl, the sisterhood of traveling pants series, kill a mockingbird, speak, series of unfortunate events, narnia, uhm u know like random chicken soul for teen soul and blah..

ive read many books and I REALLy need a great novel to read..

i love the Notebook movie its my all fav..

and yea

please tell me the best books novels ever for teen girls

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    okay... some of these are not "girl" books, just really really awesome.. and of course i'm a girl, and I loved them, so maybe you'll like them.

    Blink of an Eye

    Kiss (i loved it, and my sister loved it, and my Dad, and my other sister)

    Black, Red, White

    Blessed Child

    Man Called Blessed

    Heaven's Wager

    THE LOST BOOKS! (these are really really good, and they're for teens)

    All of the above are Ted Dekker.

    Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien

    Hangman's Curse: the veritas project Frank Peretti

    Nightmare Academy: the veritas project Frank Peretti

    Elephant Run

    Cryptid Hunters

    both are Roland Smith

    okay, you should be good now!

    eragon is good too.

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    Ok, I'm into the whole fantasy thing so I read "Eragon", but it ticks me off because it takes a ton of stuff from Lord of the Rings, which I'm reading and the movies are like my favorite.

    I also like PS I love you.... and the movie 27 Dresses, don't know if it's a book....

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    i am going to be 14 in a few months...i love to read if you like the Notebook. the guy who wrote it has a few other books ...i read them and know what there about but i forgot the name . try looking it up on the INTERNET.

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    Lay under the water facuet in the bath tub when its going full out !! Tht feels amazing!

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    the house fo night series is really good but its like about 17 year olds about stuff about has a little gross things but the plot is REALLY good

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