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1. Sugar Shane Mosley (46-5)

Mosley, who is extremely frustrated by his inability to land a big fight in the wake of his sensational knockout performance against Antonio Margarito in January, interrupted Floyd Mayweather's in-ring postfight interview after his comeback victory because he wants to fight Mayweather so badly. Ultimately, however, Mosley probably will wind up facing Andre Berto in late January instead.

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2. Miguel Cotto (34-1)

After retaining his belt with a gutsy performance against former titlist Joshua Clottey in June, Cotto has landed the big prize in boxing: A fall showdown with Pacquiao. Cotto will drop down to 145 pounds for the fight. If anyone isn't excited for this one, get your head examined.

Next: Nov. 14 vs. Pacquiao.

3. Floyd Mayweather (40-0)

The former champ ended a 21-month layoff by whitewashing lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez. All credit to Mayweather's tremendous talent, but it would be nice to see him use it against men his own size.

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4. Joshua Clottey (35-3)

Clottey had agreed to a deal to face Mosley on Dec. 26, but then HBO changed its mind about televising a fight the day after Christmas. To make up for the decision, HBO has agreed to pay for a Clottey fight on the undercard of the Kelly Pavlik-Paul Williams fight. He'll face fellow former titlist Carlos Quintana.

Next: Dec. 5 vs. Quintana.

5. Andre Berto (25-0)

Although the deal is not done yet, it looks as though Berto will stay with HBO and face Mosley on Jan. 30. However, if that happens it means Berto likely will be stripped of his belt.

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6. Luis Collazo (30-4)

Collazo is in a position for a mandatory rematch with Berto, but with Berto looking at a Mosley fight, Collazo could end up facing Selcuk Aydin for the vacant belt.

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7. Zab Judah (37-6)

Judah was slated to fight Antonio Diaz on the Sept. 19 Mayweather-Marquez card, but he pulled out. Instead, Judah opted for an untelevised and much smaller fight against journeyman Ramon Montano (17-7-2). Don't try to use logic when it comes to Judah's decisions.

Next: Nov. 6 vs. Montano.

8. Isaac Hlatshwayo (29-1-1)

Hlatshwayo claimed a vacant belt by outpointing Delvin Rodriguez in an Aug. 1 rematch of a draw. For his first defense, the South African could meet Berto in a unification match this fall if Mosley-Berto isn't finalized.

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9. Carlos Quintana (26-2)

Quintana was slated to fight Oct. 24 in his native Puerto Rico against Jesse Feliciano, but it has been called off because Quintana got a much better offer to face fellow former titlist Clottey on the Pavlik-Williams HBO undercard.

Next: Dec. 5 vs. Clottey.

10. Selcuk Aydin (19-0)

The rugged 2004 Olympian from Turkey knocked out the solid Jackson Bonsu on July 11 to win the vacant European title. It could lead to a match with Collazo, either for an interim belt or one that could be vacant.

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By the way this is a welter weight listing.

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    1) Mosley: Mosley is out of luck in fighting Mayweather. Mayweather wants the biggest payday available in boxing fight now and that's with Pacquiao. Mosley could fight the loser of Pacquiao-Cotto, but he really can't afford to wait around any longer. Mosley has to choose an opponent that is ready to fight now. Mosley should have kept the fight with Clottey when he had the chance, now Clottey booked the date with Quintana. Mosley should go ahead and offer Zab Judah another opportunity to fight.... there is really no other choice.

    2) Miguel Cotto: Fight with Pacquiao is the biggest fight of his life so far.

    3) Floyd Mayweather: Floyd is likely going to wait for the winner of Pacquiao-Cotto. Floyd has his fingers crossed that Pacquiao wins, therefore, they can produce the biggest fight that boxing has to offer.

    4) Joshua Clottey: Joshua should be happy that he found an opponent that has agreed to fight him. Even with a win over Quintana, Joshua will continue to have a hard time getting fights with any of the Welter Champions.

    5) Andre Berto: Berto should not consider a fight with Mosley. A fight with Mosley is an unnecessary risk for Berto that he doesn't need just yet. Berto better ask Pavlik about his unnecessary risk to fight Hopkins and how it has costed him dearly. Berto is better off fighting a rematch with Luis Collazo. Berto struggled with Collazo and can learn from their first match to beat Collazo without controversy. Mosley is a huge step above Collazo. Berto vs Collazo II

    6) Luis Collazo: Collazo is trying his hardest to get the well deserved rematch with Andre Berto. Collazo is believed by many to have defeated Berto in their fight. Berto vs Collazo II

    7) Zab Judah: Judah should be looking to have an opportunity with Mosley. Judah should realize that his career is very close to its end and that Mosley would be a lucky opportunity if he could get it. Judah should realize that Mosley is also desperate to find an appropriate challenge in order to stay active, therefore, he should campaign to get a fight with Mosley.

    8) Isaac Hlatshwayo: Isaac is ready to take a step up in competition. Not a huge step, but a significant step that is not too risky. Zab Judah would be the perfect candidate for Isaac.

    9) Carlos Quintana: Quintana deserves alot of credit for stepping up to the plate to fight Clottey.

    10) Selcuk Aydin: Aydin is good looking prospect that is in position to get a mandatory spot very soon. Aydin should be looking at Jesus Soto-Karras, that is if Jesus can get past Alfonso Gomez.

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