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Buy Or Sell: Ghostface Killah and Rza> Raekwon and Gza?




and Rza everything but lyrically >>Gza

and the lyrical gap isnt as big as most say

Update 2:

Rae is a nobody compared to ghost


would have sucked withput ghost

Update 3:

why dont you try to compare

one raekwon album (thats not 45% ghostface) to Supreme or Fishscale or Ironman

Update 4:


alright i guess but imo

Supreme is far better than Fish

but its your opinion so

Update 5:


i want to give you BA.........

but i have to choose someone else unless you edit it

beacuse sold and bought in the same Q

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    and I agree with you RZA can be more lyrical than GZA Imo at some points he had a better verse in 4th chamber (close)and slightly took it on pencil ( idk it's close). And on Nutmeg him and ghostface ripped. And Rza has made classics and is one of the best producers ever. But gza is overall the better lyrcists. And imo raekwon is the weakest lyricist out of the four.

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    Ghostface >>>>>>>>> Raekwon

    ^ and it's not even debatable imo.

    Which Wu member has more quality solo albums in their discography than Ghostface? Nobody. Not to mention Ghostface kills practically every track he's featured on by a Wu-Tang Member's solo album...

    Now Gza vs Ghostface is another story. It could really go either way imo. It's really an opinion on preference, opposed to Ghostface vs. Raekwon where as clearly Ghost is better.

    Ultimately, Raekwon is the weakest link between the two groups because Rza slightly edges him out.

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    Sell. I consider Ghostface the greatest emcee of all time while I consider Common to be top 25. Common is lyrically a dope emcee, but his voice and flow bores me, while Gostface's songs always interest me no matter if they are hip hop or R&B. Ghostface also has one up on Common because he is apart of one of the greatest and most influential groups of all time - Common can't make a claim like that. GFK also has a flawless discog, something Common is far from having. I think Ghost has 3 classics while Common has only 1. Q2: Ironman (classic) Q3: Like Water For Chocolate (both classics, but LWFC is a little bit better IMO.) Q4: Fishscale (classic) Q5: More Fish. BQ: Buy. Common & Kweli killed Kanye on Get 'em High, and Common killed Black Star with Respiration. They all work together very well (Can you imagine them doing a full album together!).

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    @PPE: I never said you said Ghost is horrible. I said you can't let one bad album distract you from an otherwise flawless catalog. I'm just stating my opinion.


    GFK is, IMO, the greatest rapper of all time. RZA is in the top five best producers of all time.

    Raekwon and GZA each released 5 mic albums that are each possibly in the top five of all time.

    But, still I sell. GFK has two classics, RZA has produced countless classics, and has a few great albums himself.

    And why would someone base it off of GFK's last album?

    A. That was not a hip hop album.

    B. It doesn't take away from his flawless hip hop catalog.

    Source(s): Really you can't let one bad album distract you from two classics and 5 great albums. Not to mention his work on all of the Wu albums, plus OB4CL1 & 2 etc
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  • Sell Sell Sell

    Ghostface isnt on Raekwons level, I mean I couldn't even listen to two songs on Ghostfaces last album it was horrible

    And Gza could rap circles around Rza

    Go listen to Ghostfaces latest album than come back to me

    I have just never liked Ghostface Killah, I like all his albums but to me Raekwon is a better lyricist an I prefer Raekwon any day

    Fishscale is the only album that I find to be a 5/5

    @Metal, Well Ill put my money on Raekwon who doesnt have any wack material, and you are acting like I said Ghostface is horrible, I just say Reakwon is better, I never got into Kiler

    Everybody on this site makes opinions based around 1 album, two names I can think of right now is Kayne and Eminem

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    Sell because I don't really get into RZA's rhymes.

    I will say this

    GFK, Rae & GZA > Rest of Wu Tang Clan put together.

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    but his last album sucked cartman balls

    and I personally think fishscale is a lot better than OB4CL2

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    This is ridiculous

  • buy

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