I want to start a direct email marketing company and would like to know how do i go about it?

I have searched on the net but was not able to get any solution.

Can someone help me with this?

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    Regardless of the industry you are in, if you are going to have success online you need to build your own list.

    You should include an opt-in form on all of your webpages. Offer your subscribers a gift for signing up. This can be a unique article or e-book, a mini course, plr reports, etc.

    Use an autoresponder service to manage your list and send regular emails. The information that you send must be useful and helpful, or you will get a lot of opt-outs.

    Once your list is being built and you have built rapport with your subscribers you will have the ability to promote and grow just about any business.

    If you have any further questions or need more clarification feel free to contact me using the email in my profile.

    To your success


  • Wendy
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    4 years ago

    Firstly, think twice before suing anyone if you are setting up a business. It can be costly if you lose, and can you affford to lose? Maybe you would be better advised to put the loss down to experience and be wary of sharp practices in future. You could have a valid claim. If they sold you the email addresses in the knowledge you couldn't legally use them, they have been very naughty. But it may not be worthwhile. Move on and be more careful. Any solicitor in Essex could help you handle this matter. Solicitors are specialists and not sole traders, so there will be one in any law firm able to act for you. Re: No Win No Fee - you will only get a solicitor to take a case on on this basis if the solicitor is completely confident of winning the case if it went to court. They tend to go for easy things like personal injury accidents where neglect and liability is easy to prove. If a solicitor thought you wouldn't win, they wouldn't touch it. If the case is a criminal matter it is up to the police to investigate and the CPS to prosecute, but this route does not get you any damages awarded.

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    This 60-minute free webinar (in the space below) is great... whether you're new to email marketing or an email junkie like me, this video offers some really great tips.

    By the way, I would have easily paid $39 to watch this webinar... but it's totally free.

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    Hi, I've been involved in this area for a while now, but when I started out - www.marketingzulu.com was helpful, as you can email them any marketing related questions and they'll get back to you. Hope that helps!

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    I'd like to advise you email marketing solution I use for 3 years - Atomic Mail Sender.

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