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What causes noisy breathing while laying down?

My breathing is nice and quiet when i sit or stand up but whenever i lay down it's noisy it sounds like when you run or something. What is wrong with me?

i can hear my breathing sometimes while standing too... but not as bad as while laying down.


I don't think i have asthma, and I don't smoke. But i have been getting pressure on the top of my nose a lot lately and i do get acid reflux and i know that can affect breathing in some cases...

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    My first guess would be to check for asthma. Go to your allergist and get a quick check for this. If so, they can place you on a med that will put a stop to these symptoms.

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    hi fluid in the lungs,do you have asthma ,or bronchitis,or smoke? have your doctor check your lungs with a chest x-ray. i know,i have asthma and get the same thing.

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