nursing questionrespiratory failure, PCP, (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia),?

M. B. is a 47 yr old white male admitted 9/26 with acute hypoxia with respiratory failure, PCP, (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia), and HIV/AIDS.

M. B. is on a ventilator (SIMV setting), has a DHT with pulmacare, a PICC line with Diprivan for sedation, and NS for maintenance fluid.

Hx- he is a former smoker, has a hx of peptic ulcer disease. His CC was SOB, decreased appetite, and chest heaviness. His O2 saturation was 76% on RA on admission, chest x-ray shows bilateral ground glass appearance of both lungs, but no PE. He was put on 100% nonrebreather, but remained tachypnic and in mild respiratory distress (P 108, resp 26-28, BP 104/67)

ABG’s on admission were

pH 7.47

PCO2 26

PaO2 57


On 9/29, M. B.’s condition still had not improved, and he was intubated.

On 10/6 his ABG’s were

pH 7.48

PCO2 33.4

PaO2 70.4

HCO3 25.3

Other lab data:

CBC- WBC- 11.4

RBC- 3.44

Hgb- 12

Hct- 34.8

BMP- Na- 131

K+- 3.9

Chloride- 97

Albumin- 1.8

Ca- 7.5

Mg- 2.0

1. What nursing diagnosis and interventions are our priority, and why?

2. What meds would we anticipate to give (with rationale).

3. What is the significance of his labs?

4. Interpret his ABG's.

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    I love PCP. Thats all I know.

    - George Washington

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    sue for what precisely? its not scientific malpractice.... in simple terms because of the fact they werent waiting to furnish you a prognosis in a well timed manor which you fairly want doesnt mean you're able to be able to desire to sue them and win you should be happy they didnt MIS-diagnose you as a replace.

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