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1. to point to

2. to think of

3. to look (something) up

4. to take in

5. to make an effort

6. to be interested in

7. to transfer … from … to …

8. contrary to

9. to have …effect on

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    1. The hands of the clock now point to half of three.

    2. I think of you all the time.

    3. The guard looked us up and down and then let us in.

    4. We decided to take in a new member in our club.

    5. You need to make an effort to achieve the goal.

    6. He is not inerested in studying.

    7. I need to transfer $500 from my account to my mother's account.

    8. What you are doing is now contrary to your mother's advice.

    9. The medicine has a great effect on me.

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    2.He is still thing of her.

    6.I am interested in playing the ball.

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