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    After my junior high school graduate, through primary school classmate of attend in the XX senior high school together currently under the introduction.

    At first, my mood is since the expectation fears again and on the other hand expect a future senior high school life, on the other hand frightened go out accomodation.But because have a good friend have to keep company with and look after, I gradually adapted to.

    The first-time segment of senior high school tests and will arrive for the sake of having ideal result and make great effort every day of study.Segment tests of the first 1 day, I read 12:00 is many, but have a headache next day and influenced examination.

    Went to a senior high school, I could have good result because of shoulding change my study habit."

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    After my guozhong graduation, by under the elementary school schoolmate's introduction, goes study together at present in XX high school. At first, my mood is both anticipates and to be afraid, on the one hand anticipation future high school life, on the other hand is afraid goes out the lodging. But because has the good friend to accompany with looks, my adaptation gradually. The high school's first sectional examination must arrive, to have the ideal result, every day studying diligently. The sectional examination preceding day, I read 12 points to be many, but previous day actually the headache, had affected the test. Because to the high school, I this must change me to study the custom, can have the good result. "

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