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芳歆 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文演講my weekend




標題是 my weekend





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    My family usually bring me to go outside on weedend.

    Since I studying really hard on weekday.

    My parents want to reward me for being a good student.

    This time my parents planed to go biking on the Riverside Park.

    That day when I was arrived the destination.

    I was so pleasant when we were biking.

    Because along the way I can felt the soft wind blowing on my face.

    And the warm sunshine was warm me up.

    I could smelled the floral fragrance and fresh air.

    I also can see the beautiful scenery and all the joyful people.

    The after sensed so many enjoyable things my family and I went picnicking .

    I ate a lot of food like chocolate cake and vanila ice cream.

    Mmm , delicious!

    When it's time to the dusk.

    "Let's ready to go home."my father said.

    I was so happy and didn't want to . But I had to.

    Today I always can memory the wonderful day I had been.



    2009-10-15 23:43:07 補充:

    When it's time to the dusk

    Let's ready to go home .my father said.

    這是有亂碼的那段句子 我重新寫一遍

    2009-10-15 23:43:42 補充:

    I was so happy and didn't want to . But I had to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    on weekends,I always go out with my family,like shopping,exercising,hiking or riding.

    I like to do what I like on weekend,it's a time for me to relaxing.

    I can listen to music,watch TV,read and excercise and so on.

    Any way I like my weekend Beacause I can do whatever I like in a relaxing way.I feel free,relax and happy!

    這是我自己想的 你可以看你周末都做些神ㄇ事或喜歡做神ㄇ


    Source(s): myself
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