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Can any one suggest an interesting English book which has vast collection of vocab.?


thanks Eric and April

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    Well you haven't indicated your current reading level so that I can offer you some age appropriate books but lets say your in high school or college. I would suggest checking out the classics. James Joyce's Ulysses has a vast collection of vocab but it is a huge book and you may not find it interesting. Scarlet Letter is comparatively short.

    Here is a nice list of classics. Another great way to improve your vocabulary is by reading The New York Times or reading magazine in a field of your interest. I often find more unfamiliar vocab words in non-fiction because I don't read it that often.

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    Your question baffles me.

    But if you're looking with a book thats at a good age level (~11+)

    then pick up the Lemony Snicket's series. A Series of Unfortunate Events.

    Inticing, keeps you busy, has a LOT of vocabulary, and isn't boring to read at all. My favorite series of books ever. I've read the whole series twice! (Theres 13 books).

    You can get any of these at your local library.

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    I propose "A Clockwork Orange" by using Anthony Burgess. the story is advised interior the direction of the 1st-guy or woman narration of Alex, a highway punk in a dystopian city interior the no longer-too-a strategies destiny. As such, Burgess has the his fifteen-year-previous narrator and his cronies communicate in a slang that has roots the two in modern-day languages and in Burgess's very own mind's eye. it extremely is a classic of technology fiction, a provocative study, and a powerful thank you to exercising your language understanding. although, the undertaking remember is frequently violent. Your instructor would possibly no longer think of it suited examining, yet at age seventeen in an honors lit. type, you have a reliable probability that he or she will permit it. additionally, there are 2 variations of the e book: "British" and "American". the biggest super difference is that the early "American" variations decrease the in basic terms maximum surprising financial ruin that the unique "British" version had. maximum modern printings contain this very final financial ruin - i became into waiting to locate one on-hand at my interior sight library. I propose getting the "total" e book to study if in any respect feasible. For a greater uplifting yet no much less exciting tale, I additionally propose "Lord of sunshine" by using Roger Zelazny, a e book which envisions what the gods could be like if we've been, actually, of their shoes. the outlet line: "His followers referred to as him Mahasamatman and suggested he became right into a god. He favorite to drop the Maha- and the -atman, although, and referred to as himself Sam. He in no way claimed to be a god, yet then he in no way claimed to no longer be a god." reliable success looking reliable books!

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