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is there something wrong with the bones swiss black bearings i bought?

i had abec 5s bearings on my longboard, and a friend told me that bones swiss black bearings would be faster. i dont do tricks on my board i just cruise around. so i bought them for about 50 bucks. i put them on my sector 9 wheels and i spun them. with the abec 5s my 2 back wheels spun for about 35 seconds each and the 2 front ones spun for about 20. now they all spin for about 15 seconds each with the swiss bearings! and these are supposed bones swiss! are they messed up? do i have to grease them a bit first? or am i using the wrong wheels? until then im using my Abec 5s

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    Check to see if the bearings are seated correctly in the wheels. If that's not it, check to see if the nuts that hold the wheels on are too tight. If you loosen them a little, the wheels should spin better. You should also have 1 washer on each side of the wheel. This prevents the bearing from touching the truck and slowing it down. How long have you had the bearings? It usually takes a few week before they start to spin their best, once some of the oil they are packaged with dries out a little.

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    i dunno anything about skateboards but the first ones pretty! ....xx

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