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will a knife sharpener work on my sword?

i need to know if a knife sharpener will work on a buying a a new sword and the description says that when it gets shipped it will be kinda can anyone help me out

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    No. Swords are not big knives and the edge geometry is totally different, in fact it differs between types of swords. Traditional Japanese swords are not sharpened, they are polished and are given a razor-sharp edge. Western swords can be given edges of varying degrees of sharpness depending on the intended use of the sword.

    You might want to ask yourself why you want a sharp sword in the first place. I have about a dozen here and only two are sharp; one was sharpened for the second Afghan war back in the 1870's and the other I use for cutting practice. Most swords for sale these days are not safe to actually use for cutting, so please seek expert guidance before you sharpen your sword or try to cut anything with it.

    You can get good advice at

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    That depends on what kind of 'knife sharpener' you're talking about. A sword needs to be sharpened with an oiled whetstone. If it doesn't have a blade at all when you get it you'll also have to use a metal file and some other things to get it sharp.

    Simple how to:

    Source(s): my brothers hand-forge blades
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    I wouldn't unless you want to wreck the sword edge. Swords have a different type of edge than knives.The edge essentailly is a smooth transition to the back unlike a knife where the edge is only partway up the steel. Swords are best done with ceramic whet stones by hand.

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