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Why do baseball games for the Xbox 360 suck?

I think Microsoft really needs to work on either trying to buy the rights to making MLB The Show games for xbox, or making their own really good baseball game. Im really not a huge fan of the 2K games and i want to know on other peoples opinions on this.

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    Baseball sucks with or without Xbox, it is just the messenger, don't blame it.

    Source(s): Taste for good sports.
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    MLB The Show belongs to Sony, so there's no way that MS is going to be able to buy it.

    MS can make a baseball game if it wants to. It doesn't have to buy the rights from another company. Under the deal with Take-Two, all first party developers can make a baseball game using MLB license. It was Take-Two's retaliation for EA buying the exclusive rights to make NFL games using the NFL license.

    I think all baseball game sucks. The pace is slow. It's not all that interactive compared to football, hockey, etc. You don't feel like you're a part of the game. It's not fun.

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    before you think about licensing and all that crap, think about the control issues.For example, the best you can do to control the bat is a little control stick. If the Wii was better at sensing movement, baseball games would be definitely improved, but for the Xbox, the chances of a good game are slim. unless they want to mount the controller on a stick and swing it around.

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    cuz the 2k games have no multi-plat competition so they don't try... and MLB the Show is NEVER going to the 360 as it is owned by Sony and no way do they sell it to MS

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    *blinks eyes* Good sport games?

    I mean really aren't sport games the type of games where people pay $60 every year for an updated sports roster?

    If you want to stop the crappy games coming your way stop buying those games!

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