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NFA Firearms - ATF Form (1)?

I'm interested in building my own NFA firearm. Now I understand I have to complete ATF Form 1 and wait until I have the approval to start the manufacturing process. What I'm wondering is after I've manufactured a NFA firearm, what are my restrictions on using it?

How about if I want to sell it? Or can I just forget about selling a NFA Firearm?

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    We will assume that you are not planning to build a full auto. Due to the law change in 86, no new ones can be added to the registry.

    Any other gun that you may build, be it a short barreled rifle, a short barreled shotgun, any of the AOW guns can all be transferred. I will assume that you will be starting with a commercial gun and then altering it to a NFA configuration. There is no problem in selling one of these guns, it will be in your possession on a form 4.

    If you build a gun completely from scratch, you may have to have BATF actually approve your gun. Having said that, once you have built the gun you can then sell it. The only caveat is that if you start to build more that about one gun a year. If you are building two or three a year and selling about that same amount, BATF will in all likelihood decide that you are a manufacturer and require you to be licensed as such. They have been known to go back to the first gun you made and demand that you be licensed from that date.

    Dealing with the fine folks at BATF is always a joy and delight. Remember that they are your friends and are only there to help. Also remember to watch out for the Easter Bunny.

    If you do have any questions, check out this link:

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    Honestly, I don't see being able to resell it if it's a full auto.

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    this link may get you somewhere.

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