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can u smoke fresh bud off a weed plant?

i have a weed plant that has bud on it. the bud has thc on it and i want to know if i can pick the bud off the plant and smoke it right after it is picked.

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    Right after the plants have been harvested, they should be manicured (leaves removed from the buds), then dried and cured. Marijuana is not potent just after harvest, it is also is harsh and bad tasting. Drying will let a majority of the water in the plant evaporate quickly and curing will finish the drying process.

    After the plants are cut down, some of the THC is in a non-psychoactive acidic form. Besides improving the taste, drying and curing marijuana will convert the non-psychoactive acidic compounds into psychoactive THC.

    If your marijuana is going to be stored for any amount of time, it should be put in an air tight container and be stored somewhere that is dark, dry, and cool. Remember that light, air, and heat are the things to avoid. They will degrade THC and make marijuana less potent. You should store it for at least 4 weeks to ensure strain potency and flavor.

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    Fresh Weed

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    I am a God send ..Look, all you have to do is use a coffee grinder Hit fresh bud a few times after you will have pulp Put pulp on paper plate In hours it will be perfect My bones are so fresh resin drips down with no bad taste

    PS if you need it right now ..You can put plate in a toaster oven with in minutes you will be able to enjoy your grow

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      Thanks I have a nice female with buds young I was wondering also if I could smoke a bud off it before it's finished growing.

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    DRUGS ARE BAD BLAH BLAH BLAH, haha, just kidding. Why not? Concerts are about having fun and jamming out, I've had friends that smoked weed at death metal concerts that get real tired when they trip. I'd let them take a hit too, get the good vibes a rockin'

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Your supplier's grower probably didn't start flushing the plants with fresh, pure water two weeks before harvest and the buds probably had residue from the chemicals and nutrients used to grow. Your reaction was probably from that.

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    If it's dry enough to smoke, then yes you could, but it wouldn't be a good idea. You have to follow the procedure for harvest which if you grow your own marijuana I'm sure you already know.

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    no you need to cure it until it dries out or it wont smoke. you can do this by hanging it up for a few days or by putting it in the oven at a LOW heat setting for a few minutes

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    just ake it off the plant, and put it by the window in the sun for the entire day.. until its crispy

    than you can smoke it

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    As long as it's dry enough to smoke, then yes.

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