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Do you think Barack Obama deserved Nobel Peace Prize?

Salaamu Alaikum

Peace be upon all.

How is everybody?Inshallah good.

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Now DO you think Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize or not?Why or why not?You do not have to anwer the why or why not part,really.However, please answer if you think he deserved it or not.

Today in American History, it was a bonus question on a test.I got it right obviously but then after the test my teacher,that is learning more about Islam to convert Inshallah,asked us what we thought.I told my teacher, I did not know.

To be honest,I do not really I do not.

Okay I said too much.

Thanks for answering my questions.



At everybody:I am such a fricken retard, I meant to say

I do not know, I really do not.

Omg!!I stink at typing.

I also do not have anything against Obama so please do not think I hate him or anything.


Update 2:

I agree with anybody that said he did not do anything and it is too early.All Obama did so far was make promises for things he was going to do.I mean if he accomplished any of these things and won the prize next year instead of this year then I would say okay.However, I still think it is early.

@Mehdi:How are you, bro?Thanks for the help.

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    Now to the answer,

    No, I do not think he deserved the Nobel Peace prize. He didn't do anything good yet, except to be rational and get elected as president of the United States (true, the two rarely go together, but still: it wasn't his doing).

    I don't know what Obama has done to deserve a peace prize. It's OK if he would have won it AFTER he did something world-changing, but not now.

    I like Obama, but I don't think he deserved this.

    Alaykum as-salaam (or something like that).

  • Theola
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    4 years ago

    Well it depends what your political leaning is ? In my opinion, Obama did promise or initiate a number of steps, which if implemented might bring peace to larger world. However, the results of these steps have not yet borne fruit, we even dont know if these steps will be successful or failure. So i think it was quite premature on part Nobel commitee to have awarded this prize to Obama. so by this thinking angle i would say HE DID NOT DESERVE Now the other angle is, just look around the world, how many people or leaders can you point out who have done something to bring peace to the world. Probably No one. So by this angle Nobel Commitee was out of choices & had no one better available to give this prize to. Obama might not have succeded but he is atleast trying. So By this angle i would say YES AS AN INCENTIVE FOR FUTURE ITS OK. I would rather go with the First one.......

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. He has done little in office and it's too early. I think Cindy Castano, an “ordinary" person working to stop slavery and genocide in the Sudan should have got a Nobel Peace Award. Popularity may get you a 2009 nobel peace prize, but it won't necessarily make the world a better place.

  • CM
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    1 decade ago

    The NPP is mostly a political prize. Not much more meaning than Time's ''Man of the Year.''

    As far as controversial past recipients, King probably deserved his award despite being an adulterer, plagiarist, and working with communist sympathizers during the Cold War. (I don't think he deserves a holiday, though--no icon to me.)

    Gore got the award two years ago, and that was a serious joke.

    All things considered, I think the award IS a joke, though. So what matter which clown gets it?

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    I voted for him, and I hope he does a good job (better than Bush, that's for sure), but I don't think he should have been given the Nobel Peace Prize. He's started a lot of things, but hasn't actually finished anything yet.

    Don't get me wrong. I congratulate him on winning the prize. I'm just saying, it's too early.

    Edit: I like your answer, FTL.

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    Noble Prize Committee wouldn't have given this prize to

    President Obama if he doesn't deserve. Off course he deserve. Republicans are burned on Obama receeving the Noble Prize. They are burned any thing good he does.

    Because it buries their chances to win elections in 2012.

    Do you notice that lots of white news casters, politicians, columnists call him just Obama and do not call him President Obama because they hate to see an African American man and his Afro wife in White house.

  • 1 decade ago

    Peace be unto you all

    Salam my sister, inshallah you are doing wonderful =)

    I would like to say I cannot say he has done bad, for him to actually say salam on ramadan is a Huge deal to the ppl of this country!

    But i think at the very least he is the first president that follows his religion. So inshallah it will be to the better, and so far he is doing his best, but not the ppl around him

    salam sis

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. He's a wimp. He makes promises, yet he does not go through with them. He is waging war in Afghanistan and he is just fighting civillians now, Al Quieda is in pakistan you need the secret police to go after them, not wage war on a whole nation! He yields and sides with Israel after they killed over 500 babies including 500 or more others in one week and destroyed nearly all of gaza! He is just another corrupt politician, I would never give him my vote again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Um HELL TO THE YEAH . for those who remember when Martin luther King Jr was selected for the Nobel Peace prize in 1965. There were critics then who cried what a" rabble rouser, a philander, he's undeserving". Now he's a national icon with a hoilday in his name. Let's rejoice and be proud that our American president was selected for this high honor. Plus sis remember those retarded "Obama isn't doing enough/doing what he should/doing what he was elected to do" message that we get here in the U.S., it's terrific to see that there's a different view, out there beyond the media smoke machines. lOl am gonna shut up before i get carried away SAAALAM

    @bas.trools- you're simply.....ignorant...

  • FTL
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    1 decade ago

    No, but it will make him more peaceful, just like when a troll gets a Top contributor badge, and all of a sudden he watches what he does or says, so not to lose it.........

    Did he deserve it, NO, what did he do exactly?

    Is it a good thing for the world, yes......

    Remember a Nobel peace holder, cannot start wars.........

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