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Why do Protestant not respect and honour Virgin Mary (pbuh), like the Catholic and Orthdox do?

Virgin Mary(pbuh) is the highest women in all of creation! Then why dont Protestant who say they are Christian show her respect?

What are the reasons?

My soul magnifies the Lord,

And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

For He has regarded the lowly state of his maidservant;

For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.

Bible Luke 1:46-49

Behold! The angels said, 'Oh Mary! God has chosen you and purified you, chosen you above the women of all nations.

Jesus mother was a saintly women!

Qu’ran 3:42, 5 :74


Thank you FR. Joseph!

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    People do not realize that to attack the blessed mother is to also attack the atoning work of the father for mankind who sent His only Son for the sins of the world. He was born of a perfect vessel that was fitting for God and the Savior of the world, which was the blessed virgin who remained undefiled by man her whole saintly life. It is to her that we look to pattern our devotion to Christ as it is her that led a perfect life of devotion to Her Son, always pointing humanity to Him as the path to Salvation. She is the mother of the Church as Jesus at the Cross not only gave into her St. John but also to the Church. Jesus said to St. John and thus to the whole Church behold your mother. Likewise she was given the responsibility in eternity to be the mother us all. This is the closest of familial relationships which is for those who are “In Christ”. Just as God says to man, I am yours you are mine to believers, so to does He illustrate this relationship with His words from the Cross. This is why Christians from the beginning have called the blessed Mother of God, our mother. While one may be in the invisible church without this relationship with the blessed mother one cannot be of the Church and in God’s will without the fullness of the relationship which our Savior Has established through His grace for us all who are His.

    One cannot reject the blessed mother without rejecting Her Son and the Church that He established with Himself as the cornerstone and the apostles as the 12 foundation stones, who themselves will sit in judgment of the twelve tribes of Israel. It is the structure built on these stones that ensures the endurance of His Church for all times as He promised. It is not a faith built on sand where one can attack those in His family in the most vicious, hideous and indeed, hellish of ways without suffering the eternal punishment of not only the separation of God but also the eternal pain and fires of hell in the company of Satan and all His minions, those seduced by Satan as Jesus said who would cry “Lord, Lord” and then be told that He never knew them and be thrown into the eternal fires designed not for them, as Jesus came to draw all men to Him for eternity, but for Satan and those in a familial unrepentant relationship where they do Satan’s will instead of the will of the Father. Woe to those who never knew Him and who have condemned themselves.

    It is sad when one becomes so worldly that they cannot even recognize the heavenly and reject the example of the saints who have gone before who have suffered for their faith. Imagine the blessed mother of God at the foot of the cross watching her Son being defiled in the most brutal and humiliating way knowing that He is innocent of the charges against Him and deserving of all praise of mankind. It was such a horrible scene that even the followers, except the ladies who followed our Lord and the blessed St. John, were the only ones present at His sacrifice. No one else could bear it, either out of fear for retribution or out of love for the one they had followed for so long and learned that He was the Godman and the Savior of the world. St. Peter said it best at Capernaum, “where else can we go as you have the Words of eternal life” when they did not fully understand what He meant from His “hard teaching’ which is made clear on the cross when He said, “It is consummated after drinking the final cup of blessing from the hyssop branch. “It is finished” (consummated) meant that His atonement was just beginning bringing humanity into His presence of the New Covenant and out of the Old familial relationship of the Old Covenant. It was truly realized a few days later when He arose to fulfill prophecy as the final sign of the fulfillment of prophecy. The door is opened to heaven.

    The blessed mother when referred to by our Lord as “woman” relates to her importance in the salvific plan of our father. It is her act of devotion and obedience that crushed the head of the Serpent (Satan) and defeated his plan for the condemnation of man. Sin entered the world through Eve and Satan and sin was defeated by the blessed Mother of our Lord. If she is not in heaven and saved by our Lord then there is no hope for us for none of us can ever reach the devotion and obedience of the one who is called by the angel of God the most blessed among women and consequently the most blessed of all humanity past, present and future. So do not let those who attack our mother defeat our hope in her Son and His promise for which His sacrifice has provided. May the Lord have mercy on those who do the work of Satan. God bless!

    In Christ

    Fr. Joseph

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    They somehow feel that honoring the Virgin Mary is taking away from Jesus -- as if that was possible! Take a look at the "Jesus is our Mediator, not Mary" answers, and you'll see what I mean.

    I think the problem is that they don't understand the difference between a mediator and an intercessor. There *is* only one Mediator in the matter of sin, and that's Jesus. He paid the price for our sins, and He Alone can stand before God and reconcile us to the Father -- which is what a mediator does. Only Jesus can say, "Father, I died for this person, who has accepted my blood offering for his sins. There is no more enmity between You and him."

    An intercessor, however, is one who speaks to someone on behalf of another person. We have many intercessors with God: family, friends, our pastor, people at church, etc. They pray for us and ask God to help us, just as a friend of a company president might put in a good word on your behalf if you're wanting a job.

    Mary is an intercessor for all those who ask her prayers -- not a would-be rival to Jesus in His role of Mediator. Perhaps if Protestants understood that crucial difference, they wouldn't feel so threatened by our Blessed Mother.

    She has nothing but love and prayer for the people Her Son purchased with His Precious Blood, just as any other mother would care for her children.


    And if Protestants understood the difference between latria (worship, which is due to God and Him Alone), dulia (honor, which is given to the saints), and hyperdulia (great honor, given to the Blessed Mother), they would know that we DO NOT worship Mary.

    Only God is worthy of our worship because it would be idolatry to worship anyone or anything except Him. That's what the Bible and the Church teach, and that's what we Catholics believe.

    Loving the Blessed Mother and asking for her prayers in no way constitutes worship. Sorry to burst some Protestant bubbles, but those are the facts.

    Source(s): Catholic convert
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    Wow this is so sad – even non-Christians will love and honor Mary more than Protestants!!

    You have your facts straight. Mary was indeed pure and blessed, and God bless you for recognizing that. Mary is Mother of all humankind.

    Protestants do not respect her because they often misinterpret the Bible, and do not have any central authority on how to interpret the Scriptures correctly. When you have millions of people trying to explain a profound holy book by themselves, this is the chaos you end up with. Mary’s holiness is just one of many doctrines they have messed up.

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    Hello Abdullah,

    What a thoughtful question.

    Honestly, I think it's a knee-jerk reaction. Throughout scripture, Mary is held in high regard. Of all the women in the world at that time, she was chosen to carry and nurture Jesus. It was a big risk for her.

    People mistake veneration for worship though. Many seem to think we Catholics view her as a goddess. We do not. She is human. Just as we are. And beloved by God.

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    Any time you honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, may the Blessed Virgin Mary favor you with dreams.


    Source(s): His name is Jesus Christ and every word he speaks is true.
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    because they don't..or won't understand.

    To understand Mary's role takes some Faith...

    the Catholic Church has the History>documented..the Miracles...and the Eucharist.

    it has kept the Faith for 2000 years and has delivered it to most of the world.

    What the Church teaches is logical and Biblical when placed in context with the entire historical teachings of the Church.

    If you are looking at Faith >bible only< then you are missing a lot of pages out of the entire "NoteBook" of Faith and you won't come to the same conclusion the Church does.

    Just as you won't figure out the budget for the entire year by just looking at the months of "July and August".."Bible alone"won't give the whole picture either.

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    evidently they believe that to copy catholics in their praise of Mary, is to take away praise from her son. And to give her any form of reference to her "as blessed" is to say that Jesus is not as important.

    they assume what we do is non biblical, so what they are rejecting (in their minds) is not actually Mary or Jesus but falsehoods. oh well. I'm just glad I'm catholic, we must pray for them , cuz we could be in the dark as they are.

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  • Don;t use the Qu'ran, it is not an inspired text. Secondly, the Bible says in John 3 that Jesus rebuked Mary. If Mary had been perfect, she would not have needed correction. I believe Mary was blessed by giving birth to the Creator of earth. She wasn't untouched by sin and therefore should not be worshipped.

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    Help me out here then..

    How can you claim that Jesus is not the son of God if you say that Mary was saintly and untouched?

    What exactly was it Mary was "chosen" for then?

    Protestants do honor Mary as blessed by God for being chosen to bear His son...They just don't subscribe titles to her like co-redemptrix and Queen of Heaven, Mother of God as they are definately not biblical..

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  • Donald
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    Respecting mary and worshiping mary are two different things. Christians respect mary but we do not worship her like the catholic church does.

    We do not make statues of mary and we do not have scripted prayers for her either. There is a fine line between respecting and worshiping and the catholic church has crossed the line into worship.

    If Jesus had wanted Christians to worship mary then He would have told us. No where in the inspired Scriptures does Jesus tell us to ask mary to intercede for us.

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    To worship and revere anyone or anything above God is idolatry no matter how you spin it. Elevating Mary to the level of co-redeemer (co-redemtrix) or Queen of Heaven is taking away from the glory of God.

    Mary had absolutely nothing to do with the salvation of the world. She was blessed by God to be the instrument of Jesus' birth, but she was a sinner that needed saving just like everyone else.

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