Advice Needed, Friend Going Down Bad Path?

I offered my friend a tutoring job at the Learning Center , since she does not have a job.

My friend does not want to tutor, because she said she would get "frustrated", yet she wants to be a high school teacher. Should I tell her it is time for a career change?

If you get frustrated tutoring one kid, Imagine teaching 25 or 30!!!

She's also studying Chemistry, thats what she wants to teach, but she does not seem to enjoy it. What can I tell her?

She tells me Chemistry is really hard, and its boring!!

She tells me that she doesnt want to teach because she will get frustrated.

My response; dont be a teacher! (Note: I did not actually say that, but she plans to continue to be a high school teacher)

Gosh, I feel bad for those kids. A great teacher is passionate about the subject he/she teaches.

My theory is that she was brainwashed by her parents wanted and did not do want she wanted. Or that she had a very influential high school Chemistry teacher.

I think she should do something she is passionate about, but I dont know what that is. It seems like she is in the wrong place to me.

Remember, an unpassionate teacher, produces uninspiried students

I want to tell her the story, that I changed my major from Chemistry to Political Science, because I found I had some great professors in my general education classes.


Please do not tell me, let her figure it out on her own. Friends do not let other friends suffer. Please give me realistic advice I can tell her thank you. Teachers should be passionate about what they do. I am tired of having these teachers that hate what they do.

I want her and her prospective students to be happy. I also care about her future student's success. Teaching is not for everyone. I think she should do something she is passionate about. She loves Starbucks and tanning.

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    Wow, I would think tutoring at the Learning Center would be something she would jump at. It would give her actual practice at teaching and show her whether or not it is right for her.

    I know several teachers who seem to be there just for the paycheck, even if they don't make that much; at least it is a job that offers security. But you're right, there are teachers who love their subject area and inspire their students and then there are teachers who don't even like kids. They should find another profession.

    It seems to me that your friend is not cut out to be a teacher. I don't think, however, there is much future in Starbucks and tanning.

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    If she really values your opinion as a friend then you just have to tell her that she should think of another career path. You can start out by asking her 'what's her favorite thing to do'. if it's something she can teach then suggest that. I think she's frustrated because secretly she realizes that she doesn't want to be a teacher, but feels that it's the only thing she has going right now. Just break it to her gently. If push comes to shove ask her how she'll change the way chemistry is taught so that it won't be boring for her students, she may be a revolutionary in disguise.

    -Good luck!

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    you cant force her to do something she doesnt want to do,

    if she doesnt want to tutor someone then you cant do anything about that, you especially cant advise her to change career paths...if thats what she obvioulsy wants to do, then she has to learn the hard way how to get over her "frustration" it seems like she really doesnt know what she wants to do and feels like she is stuck with only one option. even if she doesnt want to do it. she feels like she has to.

    the reasonings doesnt matter on why she wants to/doesnt want to be a teacher. the fact is, she is struggling and cant find her nitch yet. i agree that she should absolutely do something she is passionate about but SHE has to find that out on her own.

    im not just telling you this because you told me not to say "let her figure it out" but that is EXACTLY what you have to do. its HER life and as her friend you HAVE to let her choose her own path. you can support her in her choices, you can give her advise but you cant choose her path for her. SHE has to figure that out.

    what you CAN tell her is that she should try a class that she is actually interested in, be it, art, music, ect.....if she likes it then possibly suggest that she look into majoring into something that she will enjoy. you dont have to give her an ultimatum or put her in an uncomfortable situation....just casually talk to her about it. if you dont know her interests ASK HER but dont be pushy. you can make suggestions without offending her..

    ps: starbucks and tanning is NOT a good career movement......she needs something solid.....

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    hey man my friends have done bad stuff too. i got them to stop by witnessing Jesus to them. this helped them alot

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