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Why was Gandhi never given the Nobel Peace Prize?

MLK Jr, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela all won it, why wasn't it given to Gandhi?

He definitely did more to earn that honor than Obama has.

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    Surprising isn't it?!

    Though this Nobel Peace Prize even considered awarding it to Hitler in the 30's...so how noble of an award can it be?

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    Possibly discrimination--not very likely, but remember that this was back in the 40s. Up until then, every Nobel Peace Prize winner had been European, with the exception of one Latin American winner.

    Gandhi was actually nominated five times, the last time being right before his death. In 1948, instead of awarding the prize to him, no one was awarded the prize; they said there was "no proper living candidate", which is basically a nonverbal way of saying Gandhi won. [Why they didn't just give the prize to him posthumously, I don't know.]

    It's one of the more controversial Nobel prizes given out, and anyways, it's only an object/title. Gandhi's more revered than most of the other winners anyway.

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  • 5 years ago

    I'll go with discrimination and committee not wanting to upset British Empire. At this moment, it looks like, Gandhi is synonym of peace, 'Change via peaceful means'. Nobel Peace Prize does not define Gandhi, however, Gandhi is synonym to peace.

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    Because Gandhi never brought peace to anywhere...he uprooted old traditions and peacefully (although sometimes things got out of hand) tried to change the way things had been done for years. He caused conflict, not peace. (I'm not saying things didn't need to change, it's just most change comes through conflict.)

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    that is why many of us still believe that the nobel committee is BIASED.

    The worth of nobel prize went down.......

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