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Should All Students Be Required To Attend Public School?

In the early 1920's, Oregon voters adopted an initiative statute requiring all school children to attend a public school. A few years later, in the case of Pierce v. Society of Sisters, the Supreme Court of the United States declared the statute unconstitutional. As we know, the Supreme Court changes its mind from time to time, so it is possible that, if a state decided to adopt such a statute today, it might be upheld by the court. So, what do you think? Should school children be required to attend public school? Of course, if a parent wishes to provide additional education, religious or otherwise, to his or her child, either in a private setting, or in a homeschool environment, that could be done addition to the required public school education.

As I see it, it would give all parents an incentive to ensure that public schools were functioning properly and were teaching at their best level. The wealthier parents would no longer have the opportunity to withdraw their children and leave the public schools to those in the lower socioeconomic classes. In some ways, the same arguments that are used in favor of compulsory voting (in countries like Australia) would be applicable to this question. Thanks to all who respond.

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    All US Citizens should be required to attend public school. Most states write it to say that all students receive "...a free and public education". Unfortunately, it doesn't always work.

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    Sure, go ahead: but every single public school MUST teach religions, including classes for Muslims, Jews, Christians and more.

    Oh, that's not okay? Hm. Gee, it seems like allowing religious people to go to private schools IS a good idea!

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