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Phillies Game 3 Starter Choices?

So the question is still out there on whom the Phillies will start Game 3 of the Rockies series in Colorado. JA Happ and Joe Blanton both pitched an inning of work yesterday; and now Pedro Martinez believes he could step in and pitch -- even welcoming the idea of snow Saturday.

JA Happ - 12-3, 2.93 ERA

Joe Blanton - 12-8, 4.05 ERA (ERA under 3.00 since July)

Pedro Martinez - 5-1, 3.63 ERA


Happ was 12-4, sorry about that.

Update 2:

It's now official; Pedro Martinez is starting Game 3.... not so sure I agree with that as Pedro often struggles in the first inning. Every run in the playoffs is important.

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    If Happ has no issues with the bruise on his leg from the come backer the other night, I would go with him.

    Otherwise, I would go with Blanton.

    With the temp projected in the 20's, I don't think using Pedro would be a good idea.

    On hindsight, I would have gone Pedro game 2 and hopped that Ms Hamels had the baby in time for Cole to rejoin the team and pitch in game 3.

    EDIT: Now with the game pushed back, Happ gets the ball in game 3... and Lee is penciled in for game 4!!

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    WHY did Charlie use both Blanton and Happ yesterday? He's been making some pretty questionable decisions lately...

    I'll bet you anything that Pedro starts Game 3. I don't agree with that- I'd start Happ (well if I had any input, Happ would have started Game 1 or 2), but Charlie isn't thinking that way, apparently.

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