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How long before Obama uses the Nobel Peace Prize to further his Healthcare Reform?

How long do you think it will take before he starts using the Nobel Peace Prize to try and further his Healthcare Reform?

You know it's gonna happen. He was desperate enough to dress up some of his supporters in white doctor coats to try and push it. A pathetic move and sign of desperation IMO. And do you think it will work?

I'm not against Healthcare Reform even though my Health Insurance is very good. But some of the stuff they have buried in it is definitely a cause for concern.

For one, legally, if Govt run healthcare passes even with the paperwork saying illegal immigrants can't get it, illegal immigrants will be able to get it. How? Through a lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court. Why? Our very constitution. Look it up. Lawyers know this. Obama knows this (as a former Trial Lawyer). They are here illegally and have tried circumventing those trying to be here legally. Supporting illegal immigrants only confirms why the legal system should be bypassed since you would be rewarded for being an illegal immigrant and get many of the same benefits of being a legal immigrant (but not all).

As well, it could cause an influx of illegal immigrants looking for better (and cheap/free) healthcare. Thus further straining our healthcare system. That's not fantasy. That's about as close to reality as you can get. As it stands illegals that get injured in the U.S. get free healthcare as it is and those costs get passed to the consumer. The hospitals don't just 'absorb the cost'.

And do you think he'll also try and use it to pass the proposed second stimulus plan? (More proof of an out of control money spending govt. that doesn't know of any other way to currently fix things.)


deaddolly: He's still campaigning. I mean, seriously. He's a media whore since they support him and he knows it. Ever hear of overexposure. It WILL come back to haunt him and already is. We're also still waiting on that 'transparency' he promised.

Update 2:

there must be HATERS: A Democrat or liberal I take it? lol

Update 3:

Sam Sneed: Something so simple above your head. Figures. Because I know that there are those that need it. But at what cost with the current Reform options? If you honestly think its a simple black and white answer, it's not. "Just rush it out." seems to be the Dems and Liberals manta regardless of the consequences. Which is the absolute worst thing you can do with it for many reasons. Ask a lawyer if the public option passes, if under the constitution, an illegal could sue to make illegals eligible for coverage, even with wording in the reform to not make them eligible. Most that know such things will say yes. Get with the program.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He will try to use this to further the Fascist North American Union.

    Wait for it, he will soon be calling for a New World Order.

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  • 1 decade ago

    "I'm not against Healthcare Reform even though my Health Insurance is very good."

    Then why the hell are you ranting then?

    Whitetigerprowl, (or whatever....)

    Your post is useless. It's a personal attack on Obama, but you then state above that you are not against his Reform.

    As far as getting with the program, how about choosing sides and making a clearer point....

    You stated in your rant that Illegals will be able to get access to healthcare, and it could cause an influx of illegal immigrants looking for better (and cheap/free) healthcare. Wake up - that's already happening. Obama's bill has NOTHING to do with that!!!

    The point I think you were trying to make and is poorly stated in your rant is the fact of verification of citizenship. I agree that is a problem, but it is a problem with our CURRENT system that you so call LOVE.

    Another thing that is not mentioned, and those on the Right don't mention it either because half of them are being lobbyied by these organizations - is the increasing RISING costs to insure and the possible option that your EMPLOYER could stop PAYING and offering benefits. (Believe me, you are NOT paying a full premium if you LOVE your insurance.)

    Now as far as the other stuff you mentioned, I'm ignoring it because I never said any of it and for you to assume that I want Congress to rush a bill just because it's REFORM makes YOU the idiot and not me.

    Now for your last point as far as Government spending, where the hell were you when Bush was President? History has shown that Republicans tend to spend more than Democrats. As a matter of fact, deficits tend to INCREASE during Republican leadership... Cutting taxes and increase in spending doesn't work. We are seeing the effects of bad Reagan policies now......

    The difference is WHERE the money is spent. Liberals would rather spend it on programs for the people - and Republicans on big business and the rich. It called "supply side", "trickle-down", or better yet - "Reagonomics".

    Please go learn some history.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Minutes.. Seconds...No, He did not campaign for this prize.. but it is still the biggest joke in town. Cheapens this award for all who came before... Shame on those who awarded it to a do nothing, unproved man, who God only knows is probably not American.. so I guess Kenya is proud today!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow you republicans are sad, he doesnt have to do that its going to pass .The public option will pass so get ready to go to the republican funeral

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  • 1 decade ago's not like he campaigned for himself to get that award. Chill out.

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