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MLB Baseball Minnesota (N Blackburn) @ NY Yankees (A. Burnett) who will win?

Who do you think will win game 2? who has the better line up and pitcher?

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    Burnett will have Molina catching for him. Not only is this is a positive switch for AJ, as Molina can actually catch his curve ball, but also having Molina's arm behind the plate will keep the Twins from stealing the bases as much as they would with Jorge. However, this bump in defense also brings down the offense.

    Blackburn will do alright, but I think with the bats he'll be facing it will result in a loss for him. I predict a score of 6-2 Yankees.

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    If both teams play to the best of their ability, the Yankees will sweep the series.

    I asked yesterday if Blackburn's performance in last year's game #163 (vs. the White Sox) could psychologically get him to approach this game with the equivalent of that as being "playoff experience," even though statistically, it was not a playoff game.

    Blackburn has proven to be one of those "big game" pitchers, but the Twins have to overcome the demoralizing 0-8 record vs. the Yankees this year, I think deep down, they don't have any confidence playing against this loaded Yankees lineup.

    One of the local radio guys here in Minnesota did a position by position match-up. Aside from the catcher spot, the Yankees are more talented at every position.

    The Yankees will either have to underachieve, or make mental mistakes/errors, and the Twins will have to capitalize, to get a victory today.

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    Did Sumone above Say the Twins are Playing at the Same level as the Yankees and Nick Blackburn and AJ Burnett are "Even"? ... What are you HIGH on cleaning solvent?! The Twins have a chance, any team has a Chance.. but Nick Blackburn is even with AJ Burnett? Have you WATCHED both of them actually pitch? I Dont Think the Twins Have have the Pitching to deal with the Yankee Offense.. Twin Fans keep saying "Oh its a new season, the regular season means nothing". well, thats true... but in all Honesty, this series is a mismatch of monumental preportions.

  • Yankees 5-3

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    It really is a toss up. My personal opinion, the Twins will win it. They've done it so many times this year in a do or die situation. Seriously. And this is just such a situation.

    They should pull it out. That would give them a huge advantage, going into the Metrodome.

    Of course, the Yankees have a stacked lineup, but I think right now, we're playing at their level. And the pitchers are pretty much even.

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    I think that Blackburn seriously has a shot @ winning. However as long as Posada is not the one catching Burnett there will be a challenge. If the Twins are going to have any shot they need to improve there nonexistent record against the Yankees!

    Source(s): Yanks 2009!
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    Don't underestimate Blackburn - there was a reason he was the starter as a rookie in #163 last year - the loss wasn't because he can't pitch. He is a gamer in the true sense of the word, and when he gets behind in the count, he gets it back to a full count or induces a ground ball or lazy fly. Burnett, while having great stuff, is not proven in a playoff situation (counting the #163, Blackburn has pitched in more "playoff" games than Burnett) and the whole catching nonsense has got to affect him, especially when the crazed Yankee fans start booing him because Jorge is not behind the dish. I see the Twins winning this one 5-4.

  • Yankees win 8-5

    Yankees wins series 3-0

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    Blackburn will have to pitch great to beat the yankees' lineup...its possible though

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    The Phillies. Cliff Lee can beat the Yankees, even with the momentum shift they are taking section in. Plus, the Phillies are in a might desire to-win subject, and that they have got the skills and the experience to upward thrust to the party.

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