Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize! Are you kidding me?!!!?

Nominations for the award ended 2 weeks into his Presidency. In two weeks he had done more for peace than anyone else on the planet. Like what?

Has the prestige of the Nobel Prize increased or decreased for you because of this? Please explain why.


Mr. Cooper, look around, supporters are shocked by this as well, are they also "nut jobs" or are they immune because they are democrats?

Update 2:

I repeat, what had he done in two weeks that qualified him for nomination let alone winning?

Update 3:

U & B, I'm not saying Obama went to the committee and asked for it. My irritation is with the committee for picking a winner solely on what he says he wants to do rather than what he has accomplished. It removes any credibility of the commision and devalues the award to that of an emmy.

Update 4:

giginotgigi, "you can have peace or you can have freedom. Don't count on having both together." The desire for peace without the courage to protect it was Jimmy Carter's big mistake.

Update 5:

Alistair, nobel sentiments (no pun intended) it would be nice if that were true. For some silly reason I have a hard time visualizing the camps of Al Queda and Taliban terrorist hoisting a skin of fermented goat's milk in honor of Obama. I do see them plotting more bombings, more murders of innocent civilians. With the world sighing in orgasmic relief at America's folly I can see the terrorist plotting bigger more horrific acts of violence. How has Obama changed the religious tenet of the Taliban that believes the West must convert or die?

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    They asked a very important question to see if he was a worthy recipient of the award.

    President Obama,

    What have you done for world peace?

    He answered:

    I am the first Black President of the USA.


    The titleand the £1.8 mill is yours big boy.

    What a mockery of such a prestigious award.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think Cindy Castano, an “ordinary" person working to stop slavery and genocide in the Sudan should have got a Nobel Peace Award. Popularity may get you a 2009 nobel peace prize, but it won't necessarily make the world a better place.

  • Keren
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    4 years ago

    Well, we know YOU weren't nominated. We know he opened whole new avenues of communications. We know the lying propaganda scum who keep reiterating their insane, slimy delusion that he and all "godless liberals" supposedly "hate America" is a filthy, degenerate lie. We know he has some vision, which must seem refreshing after eight years of total incompetence and lack of any kind of insight or sensible world view. And he has at least talked about bringing peace to Iraq. Why don't you read what the Committee said? Then you wouldn't be so totally ill-informed and erroneous. Seems to me the suckers up and kisser of butt are the depraved slime of the neo-Nazi right, who are using this tremendous morale boost and victory as some kind of "wedge" issue, just as those sleaze balls do EVERYTHING that happens. They're the turncoats, traitors, and demented ones. Maybe you should fly to Norway and ask. Oslo is on the West Coast of Norway. Just ask.

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    A disgrace. Nobel Prizes were historically granted for past achievements, not on pious intentions before anything is achieved. As far as I am concerned, this Nobel Foundation has lost it's credibility. Maybe next year, it will be Iran's president Ahmadinejab's turn ! After all, a nuclear Iran does not fear an attack from Israel and that does a lot of good for world peace !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a strong, strong supporter of President Obama but I must say that I have almost no respect for the Nobel Peace Prize most recently (with the exception of Ebadi, Yunus, and Maathai).

    Someone from the UK summed it up for me in his comment, "This is complete madness and makes a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize! There are people in the list of nominations who have struggled their whole lives against oppression and/or adversity and are far more deserving of this award. To give the man a prize for trying to get rid of the worlds nuclear weapons, when he's still sitting on the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world is pathetic. It's like giving a gold star to the playground bully!"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I fear for this world.

    All that once was sacred and honorable is now worthless and disgusting.

    I sense a Civil War and mass genocide in the winds of change.

    If Obama pulls out of Afghanistan, he is mocking peace. If he lets the existing troops stay there to be picked off, he has blood on his hands. If he adds more troops to the quagmire, how is he any different than Bush?

    What a mess. Norwegians just hit a new low.

    Lower than when they surrendered to Hitler, then catered to the Nazi's so well during the war.


  • papaw
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    1 decade ago

    Something else bought off bu the king of impostors! He is as deserving of that award and as qualified for that award as he is for being out president. He's not even legal, much less qualified. Never heard of a ' Nobel 'peace' prize being awarded for "cheap talk, no action," have you? (They supposedly gave the award based on what he said he was going to do)

    This has totally destroyed my confidence in what I once considered one of the greatest awards ever made to recognize humanitarian efforts. Now, it's a laughing stock, a joke, with no credibility!

  • 1 decade ago

    Many people also think that the prestige of the U.S. Presidency has decreased because of President Obama and he has only been in power for 9 months.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, the fact that he had such incredible support from the American people and won the presidency without the usual corporate backing that most presidents win elections was truly extraordinary. That in and of itself was was unprecedented and deserving of honor.

    He has traveled all over the world in his short stint in office and met with global leaders and has shown them respect, honor and diplomacy and is setting the stage for further negotiations. Obama does not rest on his laurels but works hard to gain the respect of our global leaders. So in essence, he has gained their respect and there is a lot of hugging and smiling going on now. He has set the foundation for the future and he has done it well.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wasnt aware of it at all Papa but if what Essev Ron says is true then i think its a fricking disgrace.

    I thought highly of all Nobel prizes and now that is not the case anymore.

  • 1 decade ago

    This was soooo not good news!!!

    I went to D.C. a few weeks ago and let my voice be heard!

    Happy Halloween, Papa!!

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