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McMoose--RIPYAHS asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

Winter Olympics, 2010, Vancouver, Canada?

So I went through a lot of information to come up with this question. I was looking for the percentages, or amounts of people, or ratings who watched the Winter Olympics, specifically Ice Hockey from 1924 (first year Ice Hockey was in the Olympics) through 1994. But I couldn't find any numbers. And as we all know, the technology was way different back then, so it would've been harder for some to follow. But that was the era in which the NHL (started in 1917) didn't allow their players to play in the Olympics. That started in 1998. So I wanted to see how many people watched the Winter Olympics, specifically Ice Hockey, from 1998 - 2006. But again, no such luck.

So my question, based on the time frames and the options to view it, which do you think was more popular, pre-NHL players in Olympics, or post-NHL players in Olympcis? And if you have any proof, that would be great.

Another question to you would be: Would you be more likely to watch/enjoy the college kids playing, or the NHL players play in the Olympics?

And lastly, we all know 2010 can be the last year with NHL players in the Olympics. So, do you think the NHL should allow the players to play in the Olympics, risking injury? Or do you think it's a players right to choose? Maybe something worked out in a contract?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First a point of fact. The exclusion of NHL players from the Olympics was not an NHL ruling but an IOC ruling. The IOC deemed that NHL players were professionals and wouldn't be allowed to participate in the Olympics. Meanwhile these same genii ruled that the USSR Red Army team were amateurs who just happened to play hockey for the Russian Army.

    Now to your questions.

    1) Since the NHL players have been in the Olympics, hockey has become the premier sport of the games. The tournament now has prime coverage and a professional format. When the miracle on ice took place there was no final game and attendance at the hockey games were less than those at the speed skating.

    2) Would you rather watch a group of amateurs (college kids) run the 100 metres or Usain Bolt and his cronies? Same answer.

    3) The 2014 Olympics are in Moscow. Do you think Russia will allow the NHL to opt out of their games? Watch the results of the NHL when Ovechkin, Malkin, etc. are told to return home nad play for Russia.

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  • Funny question.

    In seeing the inclusion of rugby sevens and golf for 2016 and 2020, both sports have indicated to the IOC that they will re-arrange their schedules.

    The PGA Tour will create a window for Olympic competition, and the IRB (rugby's body) has indicated they won't hold a sevens world cup during Olympic years. At least three prominent rugby nations have said they will release players for the Olympics (for Northern Hemisphere countries, August is typically their pre-season and the start of matches, while the big Southern Hemisphere nations hold the Tri-Nations (soon to include Argentina).

    In fact, Rogge specificially mentioned the NHL releasing players for the Olympics as part of his comments.

    A "best on best" format...sign me up. We already have a WJC event every year. Just sort it so the clubs aren't bearing the entire cost and get some form of dispensation should a player be injured on Olympic duty.

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  • 1 decade ago

    personally I think Pre-NHL the games were much more popular due to the fact that it was a true representation of your country.

    As to your second question I would rather watch college kids playing but this is due to my belief that the quote from 'Miracle' is right: A few years later, the U.S. began using professional athletes at the Games - Dream Teams. I always found that term ironic because now that we have Dream Teams, we seldom ever get to dream." I would like to see a group of young men come together as part of a system to work together as one and win.

    As to your third question, I do believe that NHL players should be eligible to play in the Olympics but only if they have it as a part of their contract and are able to make the team in open tryouts. Canada's best players are in the NHL as well as Russia and Sweden's but for the U.S. our best players could be in the NHL, the various minor leagues, college or even juniors.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I much prefer having NHL players involved. I wouldn't really go out of my way to watch it if it didn't include the best players in the world.

    I think it should be the players choice in 2014, including contract ramifications if they do choose to go. It's obvious that the NHL as a whole won't go into schedule shutdown for the Russian games, considering the ill will they have for each other currently.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both sides have good arguments points. If the IIHF could get there act together and produce a proper world cup of hockey tournament every 4 years than I would be ok with leaving it for the amateurs.

    As far as the ratings question. this is just a guess but i would assume that in the pre NHL only the finals games would get a high viewership and the round robin games would be far less. as for the last few years every game would have high viewership.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i prefer nhl players in it.

    why would you say that the greatest players cant play for your country, thats what the oylmpics are about, the best professional athletes trying to prove their country is the best. i see why the nhl doesnt want the guys going, its a injury risk and a big break in the season, but i guarentee 95% of the nhl players want to go. its the biggest honor to play for your country.

    if it was just amatuers and lets say finland wins, all canadians and americans will say yeah but it really doesnt count because our best players are in the nhl. it would really just discredit the winner. if we stop using nhl players russia will win every year. theyll have professional khl players going up against our college kids.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes!!! wooo i love Vancouver; im from downunder and will be living there for a year from June!

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