Where is my last name from ?

My last name is Paez, I was born in mexico but I always wanted to know where it is from, could any one tell me where it is from or in what page I could get informed on this.

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    Paez Name Meaning and History

    Spanish form (Páez) of Portuguese and Galician Pais.


    Pais Name Meaning and History

    1. Portuguese and Galician: patronymic from the personal name Paio, equivalent of Spanish Pelayo.

    2. Italian: when not of the same origin as 1, a nickname from Greek pais ‘boy’, ‘lad’, ‘servant’.


    Pelayo Name Meaning and History

    Spanish: from the medieval personal name Pelayo, from Greek Pelagios (a derivative of pelagos ‘sea’). In the Middle Ages this was one of the most popular personal names in the northwestern Iberian peninsula, having been borne by the first king of the Reconquest, and by various martyrs, including a young boy in the 10th century who was, according to legend, tortured and killed by the Moors of Cordoba for refusing to renounce his faith.


    “First found in the Asturias, where in the Visgothic court took refuge from the Muslim occupation of Spain,” this part from another post made me curious because it had no source so I found one. It came from House of Names, where they sell Family Crest items and I don’t tend to trust their information as it’s some truth and some exaggeration. Since, I personally can’t tell where the truth leaves off…no offense to the other person that posted the information it’s just my opinion and no reflection on you. http://www.houseofnames.com/fc.asp?sId=&s=Paez

    In summation, to truly know the origins of your Paez surname you will need to do the research of your ancestors.

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    You can get some information here: http://www.ancestry.com/facts/paez-family-history....

    According to Ancestry.com, the name Paez is Spanish form (Páez) of Portuguese and Galician Pais.

    Galicia was a kingdom in northwestern Spain, now a region of Spain. Here's more info on Galicia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galicia_(Spain)

    Hope this helps!

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    Well the last name Páez is generally southern European it was passed on through the Americas by the Spanish & Portuguese settlers is one of the most common last names in latin american society, Do not confuse Páez with Pais a Pais is actually the abbreviation of the original name who is the first one that abbreviated the name I don't know but the name is better known but it was known as Piaso or Paisavera both were Italio/Greko names the migrated towards England's & Scottish were it was first record of set abbreviation appearing Norse wrote in runes so letters v or r until the migration and integration of vikins (welsh) Italians during the invasion of the Román ligion who brought Greek believes mixed with them the three Orders of the unicorn Irish, Scott's, and English. The crest of Piaso & Piasavera have horses or unicorn in them.

    Coming back to the beginning Páez's crest involve normally 2 lions a long sword and Spanish armor or older ones have a lion & a knight

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    First found in Asturias, Spain where the Visigothic court took refuge from the Muslims occupying Spain. From the Portuguese name Paio, same as the Spanish Pelayo, "from the sea."

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