Why are so many people concerned about a spacecraft crashing into the Moon?

Why are so many people worried that this mission will be harmful? Was there something on TV that exaggerated the effects of crashing a small spacecraft into a crater on the Moon?

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    Yes virtually all of the major media reported this as "bombing" the moon. Since virtually nothing about space or Astronomy is taught anymore in our schools it has created fear in the younger population.

    Just look at all the questions about "will this end the world", "will this cause the moon to crash into the Earth" etc etc in this Topic.

    Dumb reporters and journalism majors doing scientific reporting. The BLIND leading the Blind!

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    At perigee the Moon is 362,570 km from Earth, while at apogee it is 405,410 km The length of time it is going to take will count on the launch internet site, the region of the Moon and how plenty gas you decide on for to apply. you do not fly in a as we talk line. The slowest holiday took a million three hundred and sixty 5 days, a million month and a pair of days. The ESA clever-a million lunar probe would have been the slowest besides the indisputable fact that it grow to be additionally the quite much less high priced. ^ The fasted holiday took only 8 hours, 35 minutes. the hot Horizons did not rather provide up. The Apollo 11 Moon project took 3 days, 3 hours, 40 9 minutes. you will locate interior the source, the trajectory of the Apollo 11 project

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    I heard some were worried about it affecting the tides. But it was pointed out that the moon has all those craters on it anyway b/c it's hit so much already that the (relatively) small blast we're doing won't affect as affect anything.

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    People Exaggerate. Verb it's what they do.

    Edit: I only did this because i have answered ALOT of questions about this in about 10 mins on here and even posted a question thats not really a question but telling people to read what there are doing, but people are still asking saying things that is complete nonsence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jim D said it much nicer than I would. My answer would be something like:

    Most of the people that are asking questions about bombing the moon, or 2012 are F*****G IDIOTS! They have IQs that are below room temperature, IN CELSIUS!

  • xaxorm
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    I'm just curious how this mission was justified. Yes, they are scientists, but they are also boys with rockets:

    Project Manager: "What shall we do with that old ship?"

    Mission Commander: "Let's crash it into the moon!"

    PM: "Awesome! What's the rationale?"

    Astronaut: "To investigate and...observe the...space dust that gets kicked up...!"

    MC: "...moon nuggets...something atmospheric..."

    A: "No, ice crystals! We're supposedly always looking for water in space for some reason!"

    PM: "Awesome!"

    Source(s): The ultimate goal of man's exploration of space has always been to blow up the moon.
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    everyone is scared because some people say that there might be life on the moon and that we will harm them and they will try to attack us.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are misinformed and refuse to do any research on their own.

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