Top Republicans supporting healthcare reform?

Has anyone read or seen this in the news:

Here is a quote from the Washington Post:

"In the past two days, former Senate Republican leader Bill Frist; George W. Bush health and human services secretary Tommy G. Thompson and Medicare chief Mark McClellan; California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; and New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg -- a Republican turned independent -- have all spoken favorably of overhauling the nation's health-care system, if couched with plenty of caveats regarding the details"........These guys are all republicans. Web Search Archives

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Also, I read in an earlier question about the CBO making a statement with regards to the cost of healthcare reform and it is true, I just looked it up. If you go directly to the website, the first page talks about it. The healthcare bill at the moment is predicted to cost less than originally thought and will help the deficit.

Congressional Budget Office - -

If you google GOP support healthcare reform, you find other articles and news sites who have a column about this.


Thanks Avenger - Yes Bob Dole is another Republican in favor of healthcare reform and he believes his fellow peers should step up to the plate.

Update 2:

akelleys - Another example of Fox mis-education. There job is to twist the facts and keep you in the dark.

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    Yes read all this already

    pretty bad when news headlines state''Republicans support" just goes to show how bad it has been the past few months

    There are more and finally some are speaking up...guess they are getting yelled at by their voters, supporters or not running in any elections next year

    They represent all people in their areas not just one noisy group

    Great to at a time day at a time

    The mountain is

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    Former Senate Republican leader Bill First was interviewed on Fox Cable News and he never said that he supports ObamaCare. He stated that he supports the same kind of change that the rest of Republican law makers have put forth

    Source(s): FOR CABLE NEWS
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    OMG NO! you mean the democrats and republicans plans are virtually the same, and the american people have no choice??? What a surprise! like this hasnt happened every election the past 100 years. Wake up america. Forcing everyone to buy health insurance is only going to benefit one group, health insurance companies... It's little wonder then that Max Baucus, the congressman who's bill will be voted on, received more than 3 million dollars from health and insurance companies, more than any other Congressman!

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    Well, once again -- DARN IT -- darcy said it best.

    Looks like the out-of-office peer pressure is finally getting through to our elected reps. It is BEYOND time for the Republicans to stand up for the American people instead of the Party, their donors and a too-loud tiny minority who have now been shown to be shills for astro-turfing teabaggers / K-Street lobbyists / corporate-sponsored noise-and-distraction 'crews.'

    Watch the rats desert ship ... until the NEXT time.


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    Dude, EVERYONE is in favor of reform but Obama-care ain't it!

    BTW, Arnold is a RINO! He's destroying CA just like Obama is destroying this country.

    Source(s): Obama is not my fault!
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    Bob Dole, too. `

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