How much do utilities cost for a small business?

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    Same as at home & add 10% ?????????? LOL

    Not it the parts of the USA I am from. When you first lease/buy a store front, they have no idea what to charge you for so will base your cost off of the previous owners/tenants (FIGHT this as much as possible). At one of my locations, there was a beauty shop there. With all the hair dryers (floor units & hand held) curling irons, clippers, and things, their electric bill was through the roof. I told them I was going to be using the lights & NOTHING more. I was able to get the bill cut from $2,800 a month to $1,300 a month.

    Cable modem (for internet access): 3 times as much for a business vs the same home account.

    Phone lines = 2 (dual lines so you can have voice/fax/credit cards/alarms: Twice as much for a business account vs home account.

    Natural Gas: With just a water heater during the 8 warm months, add the furnace the other 4 months: Twice as much as my home (which used much more).

    Insurance: You don't want to know

    It goes on & on but the bottom line is.. it would depend on your location, square footage, climate & things. But it is a LOT more then your home.

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    Business Utilities Cost

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    Sorry but we would have to know the size of the offices and what electrical items were used. But note: gas and electric bills in the UK are higher per therm than domestic. There is also a climate levy charge of 5% added by the Government. You need to shop around carefully.

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    a; call the utilities and ask

    b; about the same as you at home some cases,

    add 10%

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