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Should I get the g1 my touch or samsung memoir?

Price is faTcor

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the memoir is not a smartphone, it has high end features tho and an excellent camera... but thats about it..

    the mytouch and g1 has the same amount of ram (192mb)

    both have the same lcd screen but different digitizers( there really is no difference)

    the mytouch has a TOTAL 512mb of ROM memory ( internal memory)

    the g1 has a TOTAL 256mb of ROM memory tho only about 80mb is left for you to use.

    the mytouch trackball lights up, the g1 doesnt

    mytouch is a full touchscreen phone, g1 has the same touchscreen features,plus a physical keyboard.

    mytouch has a little better battery life,but u can always buy a spare battery.

    right now i have the g1, hacked and rooted, so internal memory is not a problem for me since i have app2sd and cache2sd. custom hero rom, multitouch,flash 9 content in browser.

    i would only buy the mytouch just for a toy.

    but if you are willign to wait i suggest getting the motorola cliq

    yes get the g1. i have it, and i love it for now, i rooted it and loaded up custom stuff that u cant get on a stock phone.

    but if you are willing to wait.. i suggest getting the motorola cliq

    its has the same OS as the g1 which is android. , but wil feature moto blur UI.

    the specs for the cliq is

    RAM: 256mb

    ROM: 512mb

    5mp camera

    3.5mm jack

    processor is the same

    the g1 specs are

    RAM: 192mb

    ROM 256

    3.2 mp cam

    processor is 526mhz

    the cliq will run faster and smoother does have an ambient sensor like the blackberries, plus a proximity sensor. preordering for the cliq start oct 19th, the sooner ur preorder, the sooner u will get the phone. the phone will start selling within tmobile sotre by nov2nd tho. so i suggest u wait

    email me at for more info or questions


    the g1 is 99 dollars with 2 yr at walmart tho.

    the cliq qill be 199 with 2 yr

    the mytouch is 149 with 2 yr at walmart

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