hes giving me mixed signals!?

Okay so my best guy friend and i have always had some type of chemistry between us. I don't know what it is but we are definitely attracted to eachother. He will tell me he loves me and ill tell him the same but we say it in a friendly way. you know? Hes beentalking about getting back with his ex, and i dont know how to react to this? What is going on? Is he afraid to tell me how he feels cause it might ruin our friendship? Or is he just not interested?


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    He's probs testing to see how you react. Seeing if you get jealous. Or mabye just playing hard to get. But it sounds like he likes you.

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    Only way to know for sure is to ask him. BEFORE he gets together with his ex. Next time you see each other, say that you have something you wanna talk about with him, but you really don't want to wreck the friendship. Use that line exactly. From it, you can tell if he's interested or scared. If he's the guy that plays it cool, resist "Actually, you know what, nevermind." --> An extra hook for most guys, but if he's still playing it cool and says 'whatever', then say "well... I don't know".

    And then launch into I think there's chemistry between us. And I kind of want to see where it could lead, because you're an attractive person to be around. But if I'm misreading the signals too much, then please forget I said anything at all.

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    You could be passing up a great opportunity and chance with someone special. Do you really want that to get away?

    In this situation, id recommend just making your feelings directly known. If you are as a close as you say and have that 'chemistry' and a closeness already, well it shouldnt be difficult to talk to him, and im sure he isnt oblivious to how you feel anyways. It honestly wont ruin any friendship, as long as you both dont let it. And hey, no matter what he decides, you are still going to feel somewhat depressed/sad that he went back to his ex, or if you just held it all in. So...now is the time to move and just put it all out there....

    It is possible he could be saying hes getting back with his ex, to get a reaction out of you, but..bleh, that would be quite lame if he is x( ...because again, if the closeness is as you say it is, im sure he has an idea of the deeper feelings you have already.

    ...and for the love of bagels, DONT DO IT VIA TEXTING lol. Everyone is so caught up with that nonsense these days. No texts, emails, phones, two cups and a string, morse code, etc...DO IT FACE TO FACE, IN PERSON. :)

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    sounds to me like you're spending too much time together; he may be taking you for granted and he doesn't even know it.

    or you may be mistaking a physical attraction for love. attraction involves an instant decision of like or dislike, based on our own subconscious criteria.

    keeping that in mind, if you've only known him for a few months or so, this relationship is probably not healthy.

    i hate to sound harsh, but the love may be gone... he is probably not saying "im getting back with my ex" for no reason. if he really doesn't mean it then he is disrespecting you or blinded by anger; both those build a negative relationship.

    and do not tell him you want more than a relationship. if you must say it in a better way but still be careful. these sort of things are very scary to almost every guy.

    good luck

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    Well the only thing you can do is take a chance. No one on yahoo answers will actually know what he's thinking, but i'll try to give you advice. Take a chance, tell HIM how you feel. All relationships require people to take chances. I mean how are you ever suppose to find love if you don't take chances?

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    I've answered this type of question too many times. Say you support him and he'll trust you. Maybe he'll be the one to make the first move. A way to figure out his feelings is to go out with friends (so it doesn't seem weird) and slowly when friends leave make sure he is the last one to do so and ask him to walk you home. You can figure it out after that. ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm really sorry to say this, but I don't think he is interested. If he wants his ex back it probably means he doesn't feel it with you. Of course you could always try the direct approach.

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    Distant yourself for a while. Check out the behavior. If he wants you he'll come after you. If he doesn't he wants to get back with his ex. If he's wishy washy and rollercoastery... It means he wants his cake and eat it too...

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    Ask him. a lot of the time, us guys get confused about our own feelings, and you just need to ask him if he's willing to try having a relationship with you. you'll never know the answer if you dont ask, and you'll regret if you dont ask

    Source(s): experience :(
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    He feels the same way about you. Don't rush things. Calm down.

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