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i need help finiding the name of a book..?

Ok, all i know about the book is that my mom's friend read it when she was in college. She got the book in '95, and it was called Daddy's Girl. It was about this guy who did sick, twisted things to his daughter, and he basically tortured her. Her college professor made it a required assignment to pass his class to read the book and do a project on it, and the people in the class coulnd't finish the book because it was so bad. I have been looking everywhere for it, and can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. (:

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    Daddy's Girl by Charlotte Vale Allen:

    Product Description

    Emancipated long before anybody had heard of it, she escaped her family to save [her] life. The life that is recounted in Daddy's Girl is harrowing, yet the memoir is distinguished by Allen's heroic efforts to rescue and support herself, by herself. This memoir emphasizes - in addition to a commitment not to live life as a "walking wound" - the power of language.

    Customer Review:

    This is the real story of a woman who went through hell. She describes what her father put her through and how it affected her adult years. She shares the emotions she went through during the abuse. dirty she felt. ...and how this affected relationships as an adult. This is something everyone should read. This isn't simply a psychology book discussing how abuse affects people. This is one person's detailed example of what the abuse does to someone.

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    It might be by Charlotte Vale Allen and it's quite old so it could possibly be the book you're looking for.

    There's also one that could possibly be it, by Clifford Irving although it invloves murder but it is still old enough to have been read in 1995.

    Try Googling it or you might be able to find it on Amazon.

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    There are several books with the same title.

    Charlotte Vale Allen's sounds like it, but can't be sure.

    You might want to check it out:

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