80s movie about a bird or dragon that attacks people from tall buildings?

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    There are eight films titled "Q", so here's some more information to make sure you get to the correct one:

    Q (1982)

    aka Q: The Winged Serpent

    aka The Winged Serpent

    starring Michael Moriarty, David Carradine, Candy Clark, Richard Roundtree, Mary Louise Weller

    IMDb synopsis:

    New York police are bemused by a spate of reports of a giant flying lizard that has been spotted around the rooftops of New York, which they assume to be bogus until the lizard starts to eat people. An out-of-work, ex-con piano player is the only person who knows the location of the monster's nest and is determined to turn the knowledge to his advantage, but will his gamble pay off or will he end up as lizard food?

    Here's the movie trailer:


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    I recall when this showed up on HBO. I was so amazed that I kept viewing it every time it was on. Naturally, I videotaped it and have watched it many times over the year. It's showing up again on movie channels, and it's just as much fun as ever! Let others take the Empire State Building. I think the Chrysler Building is soooo amazing!

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    80s Dragon Movie

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  • 1 decade ago

    The movie is called "Q"

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