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What size Canada Goose Jacket should I get?


I was wondering if anyone knows if Canada Goose's sizing is different (like it is slightly larger). I live in the UK, and I'm 5ft10, and i usually buy a medium in most clothing. But i have a feeling i should get a small. Sadly no one stocks them here, so i can't try one on!

thanks for your help!

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are 5'10" you need to get a medium because Canada sizing is at least 1 inch wider than UK sizing in the shoulder and hem but they area bout the same as the US sizing in length.

    If you don't mind a shorter jacket a small will fit but tightly. Actually I would NOT recommend a small for you because of your height. It would just not look right.

    If a jacket goose down jacket is a little looser I think it's better so I would definitely suggest a medium for you.

    You can also email the company and ask them to tell you the length, shoulder width and length so that you can compare these measurements with what you have.

    Source(s): I am a clothing designer
  • 4 years ago

    the dimensions is with regards on your length around on the chest. i might think of a medium in a coat could be for quite a skinny guy. do no longer forget you will probable want to be wearing a sweater or in shape jacket. On an afternoon like we are having at present (20 decrease than 0 centigrade with wind chill out) I in basic terms got here in from strolling the canines. I had on a goose down lined coat with a zipper in lining and a sweater, a fur hat with ear flaps and a parka and face flaps. i became into happy to come again interior. provide your self a great number of room to layer outfits for severe chilly. by the way the canines became into wearing a fur lined suede canines coat too..

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