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Sid Meier's Pirates Installation Problems.?

I have had Sid Meier's Pirates for ages and iI used to use it but I haven't for a long time. Yesterday I tried re-installing it and it got nearly to the end before stopping at pak 2 (might of been pack but I don't think so) it didn't move for some time before a message popped up saying something like " Pak 2 cannot be found. Please verify that the file exists and that you can access it". I clicked retry a few time but th result was the same. Please help.

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    Try manually installing the game.

    Insert your Game CD/DVD into your disk drive.

    Open up your local hard drive.

    Go to File, New, Folder.

    Name this folder "Game." You can name it anything really.

    Open up "My Computer" and select your game CD. If the autorun comes up, cancel it as well as the installation.

    Right-click The game CD. Click "Explore."

    Click on the "Edit" tab at the top of the window and choose "Select All." You can also press CTRL+A.

    Click on the "Edit" tab again and select "Copy." CTRL+C also works.

    Head into your "Game" folder. Go to the "Edit" tab and select "Paste." CTRL+V works as well. Continue until you've copied and pasted the information from all the disks into their appropriate folders.

    Find the autorun file in the "Game" folder and double click it. This should install the game as normal. When you are finished, you can delete the "Game" folder.

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    a million. Uninstall it in upload or eliminate courses interior the administration Panel 2. Reinstall. 3. Did you're making confident it replaced into properly matched including your laptop? It says on the decrease back of the container. basically ingredient you're able to do.

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