Keep or throw away the old love letters?

My first love was a boy I met when I was 16, he was 19. We dated for a year, then he broke up with me for another girl. I was absolutely devastated and heartbroken. For the next 3 years we were on and off, mostly little flings here and there, it would always end with him breaking my heart. We got back together in january and dated for 3 months and he asked me to marry him.....then after disappearing for a whole week and completely ignoring me, I tracked him down, said WTF, and he broke it off. I changed my phone number and haven't heard from him since, though he did send me an email in august asking why I didn't answer his texts, LMAO.

I was SO in love with him, I was infatuated. And I was also very stupid. I have cried more times over that boy than anything else in my life combined!

I am now in a VERY happy relationship with a REAL man who I love very very much and he loves me too and respects me and it's just great :) so....

do I keep the old love letters from my "first love" for the memories and nostalgia? I don't consider him my first love anymore because that relationship was nothing like the one I am in now. I think of him as a pathetic, scummy, immature piece of **** and I do not have any positive feelings towards him at all. I have a box FILLED with letters, pictures, paintings, drawings, songs, tons of crap from him.

I really want to just burn all the ******* **** and completely forget about him....but will I regret it?

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    don't toss it yet. sure, it's a bad memory, but stuff like that is a great way to look back at who you were at a time in a distant past. I had a journal from when I was a teenager, and it was almost entirely filled with musings about a girl I was in love with then. Although we had long broken up and I had no interest in her any longer, it was still interesting reading a decade letter whenever I happened to crack it open. But when I got married and moved in with my wife, I chucked it because I didn't want her to read it. Save yours at least until you're living with someone else, then you may want to toss it for general peace purposes.

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    Your Old Love Letters

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    If they are just poetically charming, keep them for your future descendants. We found old love letters from my elders and it was cute, funny, and some tragic due to WW1 and 2. Some were from Vietnam War too. Use your judgment logically and not emotions. Your future generations will see a more human side of you besides pictures. Watch or read "Bridges of Madison County" and you will understand. I would toss any overtly sexual ones because the future kids don't want those details. Saving historic info has nothing to do with your man presently. My husband saved some letters and pics of old girlfriends and I encouraged him to save for our kids. They are from old days and really quite innocent. Enjoy the man you are with. Just put old souvenirs away and tell your love the reason why and that they just archives from the past and only a matter of geneology.

    Source(s): experience and congrats to findng happiness.
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    You have finally reached the maturity to let the old BS go. Time you see and understand that you were really a kid at that time. You are holding on to a fantasy that doesn't exsit anymore. You owe it to your self and especialy you man to get rid of all that garb . Burn it remember and let it go,move on. I still have junk in my attic that I will get rid of as soon as I get my lazy self up there to go through it. But I will enjoy the pictures I burn cuz they are filled with good memories and in some way they made me who I am today, you know life experiences. Just for thought you wouldn't want your man keeping pic and love letters of his ex would you? So let it go, life is now. Good luck.

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    Honestly I would not keep them...That's in your past and it's gone..You have moved on and said you are very happy, so you should build new memories, and move forward..

    It's all in the past and you won't regret it..There is nothing there anymore so no reason to hold on to the past..Just focus on now and your future..

    Hope this helped you in your decision..

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    3 years ago

    I save each and every letters and photographs right into a field, with another merchandise wich recalls me old thoughts, because of the fact, regardless of if those storie are finishe, they are continually products of my existence and that i problem is a sturdy problem save those thoughts..

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    if they were things that would bring back happy memories i'd say keep them but since this seems to be such a negative point in your life i don't see any reason to keep reminders of it. burn them if that's what you really want to do! i don't see how you'd regret it if they only bring back ill feelings for someone you can't stand and memories of bad times.

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    Save them...because heating oil prices will go up and the letters will be a nice starter fire for your wood stove.

    Mine hit the flames 20 years ago. Freed up drawer space for more underwear.

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    Forget about the asshole, ok? You have the memories of your first love and that should be enough. Move on and be happy, get rid of things you can hold onto physically and emotionally.

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    It really serves no purpose to keep them. You won't want to rekindle those memories so get rid of them is my advice. Best of luck in your new magnificent relationship.

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