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Why do British Jews support the Labour party?

Jewish people in the UK are mostly very Middle class and the owners of the Means of production. I would have thought that Jews would naturally go for the Conservatives. Are most Jewish people left leaning in other countries ?

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    Oh, come on. There are Jewish people in all political parties in the UK (including one Jewish BNP candidate!) and Jewish supporters of all political parties. There are Jewish people of all social classes and professions. To generalise and stereotype in this way is silly, not to say sinister.

    To see the diversity of 'Jewish' political opinions in the UK, just look at Jonathan Freedland (who writes for the Guardian) and mad Mel Philips (who types for the Daily Mail). Look at Peter Mandelson, the doyen of New Labour, and Michael Howard, the arch-Thatcherite.

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    As a British Jew, I can tell you that NO, most of us are NOT 'very middle class' - stop falling for foolish stereotypes. I'm from a working class family; my father slogged SEVEN days a week to put food on our table, G-d rest his soul.

    And no, we don't 'own' the 'means of production' - where are you GETTING this drivel from???

    There are Jews who support all political parties. Grow up and get real.

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    Here's your answer, my friend:


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