when did canada enter ww1 ?

what year did they enter the great war ?(dates)

how many many and women were involved from canada?

what contributions did they make towards the war ?

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    The day after Britain Declared war, Canada declared on Aug. 5, 1914

    Canada had only 8 million people at the time, and had 600,000 casualities (66,665 dead), which for such a small population, is an incredible loss. Canada was recognized worldwide for its remarkable sacrifice.

    Canada had larger divisions than their British allies, and a reputation for reliability, which means they were often used for tough missions---in WW1 that meant offensive movements. It was involved in all the major battles on the Western Front, but its high mark was at the Battle of Vimy Ridge where they captured a German fort that the British and French were unable to.

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    Canada was automatically involved as soon as Britain declared war on Germany on 4 August 1914.The Governor-General made an official announcement declaring a state of war between Canada and Germany 5 August.

    More than 620,000 Canadians served in WW1, including 3000 women who served overseas in the Canadian Army Nursing Service.

    On the home front, many more women found jobs in the textile mills, munitions and clothing factories that had to produce the uniforms, arms and equipment necessary for the rapid expansion of an army that numbered only 3110 pre war.

    The Canadians made a considerable contribution, being amongst the best troops on either side during the war; their capture of Vimy Ridge during April 1917 being one of the most outstanding (and important) feats of arms during the war.

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    Technically no longer something replaced. Canada entered the conflict as a colony of GB and exited the conflict, technically, the comparable way. What replaced interior the mean time became into our status on the international point. on the beginning up of the conflict Canada's protection stress served decrease than the direct administration of British Generals. by using the top of the conflict Canadian troops had outstanding themselves on the battlefield AND our officers more advantageous the talents required to command our very own troops and act independently besides. multiple battles have been gained with the aid of direct involvement of Canadian troops and multiple protection stress objectives were taken which different troops have been no longer able to take interior the previous. in basic terms our overall performance at Vimy Ridge became into exemplary. different forces had tried, and failed, to take the ridge yet Canadians did it in checklist time on their very own. seem up a number of those issues and you will possibly have greater then adequate to maximum surprising approximately.

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    The other answers you received do a good job of covering this topic. Read up on Vimy Ridge, Ypres, Passhendaele and many other important battles involving Canadian soldiers

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    1914 as part of the British Commonwealth

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