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Does this -malware- redirect seemed to affect -every- computer, even a Mac, when searching google?

I'm sure the majority who reads this use Google as one of your main search engines (or maybe as their sole search engines). I've noticed that this -malware- redirection that has been happening as far back as a month, as when I first encountered this problem. At first, while using my laptop PC at the time, I almost thought my computer was really infected, but realized I was only looking at an image imitation of inside a "my computer" file of a computer browser in my web browser trying to -make- you believe that your computer was really infected. There are no flashing words telling you that something is infected. Plus, "my computer", in the actual computer browser (not the web browser, if you know what I'm talking about) would constantly update itself if an external hard-drive is inserted into the computer (which I found out about it that it was a fake, trying to infect your computer instead). Or that the image is totally irrelevant because you're using a mac.

Now that I'm using a laptop mac now for the time being until I could find the time to buy a replacement AC adapter for my older laptop PC, I found that even this problem exists on the mac, even in school macs. Looks like I found out that even Macs aren't spared from websites that have been attacked and redirected by a malware site. Seriously, this very annoying and I can't research my homework in peace, which I'm trying to do right now. Has anyone have this problem on both OS computers (Mac and PC), and maybe even Linux, assuming that you use both systems? How far back has these unrelated redirection attacks have been occurring on Google? Has google been trying to fix these problems? And no, I don't need to download anything. I just want answers.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I fell for one of those tricks before, i accidently downloaded this program that said my computer was infected when it really wasnt. The pop up that's telling you you're computer is infected IS THE INFECTION. So yeah, I realized this because I got tired of the same alerts popping up so I went to Add and remove programs and I didn't spot the program there. Then I right clicked on the malware program and i read something that said "view source". I'm guessing when you see this, it's most likely being run by a different computer. So I read the source and I noticed that the program I downloaded was the malware.

    I did something to remove the program, I know I went system32 files and checked through it and ended up removing the pop ups and the redirection from the google pages, but the program was still or my computer and eventually i accidently deleted something and it destroyed my registry. SO I strongly suggest you don't take the malware off yourself, try gettin a malware remover program to remove it. It was actually my fault for trying to go deeper and remove the whole malware.

    If you simply see this pop up, just try you best to exit out. When you exit out all your browsers, it shouldn't reappear depending on what sites you go to that has malware.

    I have a dell inspiron 6000

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  • simien
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    4 years ago

    yea its your pc, to head round it for the imply whilst simply reproduction and paste the URL hyperlink into the seek field your self. (it's so much likley spyware and adware) dont fear no longer that enormous a main issue

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