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Is it safe to feed my ball python a frog?

I get alot of frogs around my pond and I wonder is it safe to feed my ball python a frog? Do they eat frogs in the wild if they come across one on a empty stomach? Mine only eats Medium rats so far... if it gets a bit bigger, what else can I feed?

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    As long as its not the poison dart frog or the lickable ones, it won't hurt him anymore than a mouse.

    I don't recommend it, but if it is a wild frog you will have a chance of making him sick (although unlikely). Check the frog for parasites if nothing else if you give it to him. It is always recommended to buy cage raised food to help avoid parasites/disease. Or raising your own

    If you insist on feeding him one, let the frog swim in clean water to wash off any debri for a while and even give him a warm shower before dropping it in the cage.

    Remember feeding a wild reptile to any pet can potentially spread salmonela. I love all reptiles, including frogs, and hate the idea of using them as fodder, especially wild caught.

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    Frogs are huge carriers of internal parasites and you are guaranteed to give them to your ball python if you feed them. I'm not certain that frogs even make up the diet of balls as they do in other species. I'd stick to rats and mice. If your ball is past medium rats, then feed large. It shouldn't need anything bigger than that. They don't get that big.

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    Do Rats Eat Frogs

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    Ball pythons eat rodents ie: mice rats gerbils they don't eat frogs. in the wild they have been known to eat small birds but they prefer rodents

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    stick with rats. A wild frog could have a disease that could kill your snake and a med rat is a good meal they never really need more then that if you want to go bigger id suggest a red tail you can do chickens or rabbits

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    i have tried that before and my boy just wont eat them. i think its because they are cold blooded and he don't recognize them as food but he will eat another snake so maybe its the smell.

    i sometimes feed him wild rats,and small squirrels but i kill them first and wash them in hot tap water. (i cut the tail off the squirrel)

    i also feed him young chicks when they are available and i have an egg incubator for when they are not.


    i live in in the woods and i wouldn't feed my critters anything i wouldn't eat my self.(except for possum)

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    Don't feed your ball python a frog... you will make him/her sick.

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    NEVER EVER feed your snake anything from outside, NEVER EVER put anything from outside in with your snake. It it gets bigger feed it bigger rats, maybe a gerbil if your really in need of a change of scenery. but thats it

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    Don't feed your python with LIVE animals,that's cruelly...

    You have to know that EVERYTHING what's live has feeling...

    So how would you feel if some bigger kills you,and eats you?!

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