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Top 10 Wisconsin Badger football players OF ALL TIME! Who ya got?

Based ONLY and SOLELY on a college football resume. No NFL experience, or lack of NFL experience to be used.

Here's my list:


Chris McIntosh

Mark Tauscher

Mike Webster

John Hall

Jim Leonhard

Brandon Williams

Owen Daniels

Anthony Thomas

Wendell Bryant

Erasmus James

10. Tom Burke. This guy was a freakin' beast. Reminded me a lot of how Jarred Alan plays for the Viqueens.

9. Troy Vincent. Put the fear into every QB in the Big Ten he faced. Too bad the rest of his crappy teammates couldn't.

8. Tim Krumrie. Another dominating college player on terrible college teams. Best known for snapping his leg in the Super Bowl playing for the Bengals.

7. Joe Thomas. Talk about dominating? Probably one of the greatest offensive lineman in Big Ten history. NO ONE got around him or through him in college.

6. Brent Moss. Yeah, I know, it's a stretch, and remember, we don't use his pro career or off the field issues. On the college field, no one dominated the Big Ten in the early 90's like Moss.

5. Chris Chambers. This guy would have been even better if he had a decent QB to throw him the ball.

4. Lee Evans. Just a monster in college. How good would he have been if he didn't miss an entire season due to injury?

3. Alan Ameche. "The Horse" simply destroyed everyone in college, playing either LB or Fullback (you didn't know that did you?)

2. Jamar Fletcher. Don't laugh, don't laugh. This guy was the premier shut down corner in college football. Winner of the Jim Thorpe Award in a year with a lot of good corners. How many All American WR's did he shut down in college? A LOT!!

1. RON DAYNE. Like there was any contest. You win the Heisman, dominate for four years, get your jersey retired, and get a Wisconsin county named after you (well, not really), you top the list.

OK Badger fans!! Let's hear ya!!


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    Hmmmm, when did they add the "Y" to Dane County? I better change my property tax bill.......

    Others I would add to the list, based solely on their achievements at UW:

    Darrell Bevell-highly intelligent, took the Badgers to the first Rose Bowl in 30 years

    Pat Richter-his contributions both on and off the field

    Michael Bennett-world class speed

    Casey Rabach-one of a long list of GREAT offensive linemen

    Jason Doering-started the recent tradition of walk-on safeties who made it big at UW

    Nick Davis-always the threat of a return for TD

    Jonathon Casillas

    Alex Lewis

    DeAndre Levy-they were fun to watch when playing together

    There are more, but it's late. Great question.

    BTW, watching Fletcher against Freddie Mitchell in the Sun Bowl was awesome. Mitchell beat him for a TD, and pointed to him as he scored. Fletcher responded by pointing to the scoreboard, which showed the Badgers comfortably ahead (1 of 3 bowl wins over UCLA in the decade).

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    1 Messi 2 Tottes 3 Kaka 4 Gerrard 5 Aguero 6 Ronaldo 7 Rooney 8 Iniesta 9 Ribery 10 Xavi

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    1 Ron Dayne that One is Obvious

    2 Lee Evans

    3 Alan Ameche

    4 Jamar Fletcher

    5 Chris Chambers

    6 Brent Moss

    7 Joe Thomas

    8 Joe Vincent

    9 Mike Webster, Why Forget Him He was Great in the NFL

    10 Erasmus James

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    i can agree with you on most of those picks, well actually all of them, but the Dayne Train ran off the tracks once he made it to the real show. Troy Vincent should be a little higher than 9 but i guess your going by college standards?

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    Like your list P J Hill should be listed as far as honerable mention.Like the other answers as well glad to see someone remembered Moss I enjoyed watching him.

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